DSLR Basic Settings Tutorial – Photography/Videography 101

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Never used a camera before? Want to learn how? If you just bought a DSLR or any camera and want to learn how to use it, this is the video for you! This tutorial is for people who have never…


JPG TV says:

wow! fantastic explanation of everything!
I’m a complete novice and you made all of that make perfect sense!

I’m lucky enough to have the 5D mkII so that really helped me personally as
the screen etc is the same haha

when will you be doing a part II to this?
I’d really like to get to know what the next steps are, you touched briefly
on frame rates and then said you were starting to talk about more advanced

I’d love to see a video where you go into that.
Any plans for it? 

Sua Sponte says:

“At speeds that are Retarded” LoLoud!!!! You videos are great man!

DBAKER says:

+DiCasaFilm I woke up out of my sleep hearing your teachings, and it was
the best class ever. The way you explained everything was amazing! Thank
You and please continue to educate the world. Dah

blueshirttail says:

Absolutely the best explanation of basic photography on YouTube. Great

ahorsegirlslife says:

thanks so much for the help i watched the whole thing and i had my new
photography notebook to take notes. this helped so much. im going into
photography as a degree next year ill be going to college. 

Cyril Hehir says:

The f stop number is a mathematical equation. (F = the focal length of a
lens) divided by the stop number
For example a 200mm lens at f 4 = 50mm opening
200 divided by 4 = 50 (small f # but a large opening)

A 200mm lens at f22
200 divided by 22 = 9mm opening (large f # but a small opening)

Evertone Siwela says:

Amazing video! You saved me a trip and money to the DSLR workshop at the
local camera shop here

JawnsBlawg says:

Hey man, I just wanted to say thank you for making this video. Your
explanations were very clear and concise. I just got a nice camera for the
first time and this has really helped a lot. After watching your 52 minute
video I can honestly say that I understand exposure better than an entire
semester of photography in school years ago. If someone asks me to explain
the basics (If I ever get to the point that someone is asking me for
advice) I’ll just show them your video. Keep up the good work and I hope
you had a good holiday!

ChosenGamingIndividual says:

Wonderful explanation of everything! I do have a question though. I am
trying to get into videography, and I know that 24fps is renowned as the
better fps (as opposed to 30). However, whenever I shoot with my Nikon
d3300 at 24fps(1/50, f/3.5, ISO 100), it looks really “stuttery”, as if I
have a super high shutter speed. I have seen many YouTube videos that are
shot in 24fps that look smooth, so I know it’s possible.. Any suggestions?

Noes Plus says:

Wow! Thanks! Bought myself a new camera last week and wanted to make real
photo’s instead of using the auto stand xD
I am Dutch and it was a little googletranslate with some words, but after i
knew them it was a piece of cake. Thanks a lot for explaining everything so
clear! Even for a Dutchie :D

BrianBoru18 says:

I very rarely comment on YouTube but feel I have to after watching this
whole video.
If only my teachers were as good as you when I was in school 10 years ago!
I might be a millionaire by now :P
Quality video, quality teaching and very easy to follow explanations.
Not to mention, funny :D
Thank you so much. A+++++

Jay Zheng says:

I am from China, just wanna let you know you are a wonderful teacher.
Thanks for your video. will keep learning from you tutorial

Tech Talk 360 says:

Today i Bought the Canon EOS Rebel T5i for my Youtube Channel and seriously
your video was very informative really liked the way you explained
everything! subscribed! :D

ravish sharma says:

Brilliant…..Thanks for sharing this tutorial….. it has really helped me
to develop the concepts required for Photography……

satish IISc says:

Awesome Explanation :)

Rayquon Elliott says:

I rarely say this to anyone creating tutorial videos on youtube but….this
was very well done, very detailed and simplified, undstood everything
clearly. Great vid!

Mustafa J. Irshaid says:

Hello man, I just ordered a Canon 5D Mark III camera and I noticed that it
has two different memory cards, CF and SD. So what is the difference
between these two memories and which one is better for shooting high
quality videos?

Thanks a lot by the way you helped me in too many things (Y) 

Joaquin Rodriguez says:

Amazing explanation , thanks !!!

battygirl1 says:

WOW! Thank you. I learnt a lot from this video. Have a great day. :-)

Bobby Davis says:

Actually – I do have a question. I’ve noticed on some of the Nikon and
Canons – while I can get a great video capture, the audio capture is
sub-par, and I really have to play with my lavaliere outputs and
sensitivities to get a barely decent audio capture. Thoughts? Suggestions?
I’m also looking to buy/lease a camera (DSLR primarily for video), so I’d
appreciate any input you have here.

gpminim says:

Great tutorial!

DiamantePro says:

great tutorial for beginners and even amateurs. you nailed it man! good

Matthew Workman says:

Great starter video… great explanation and place to get started!!!

Kevin Phu says:

Awesome video! Definitely learned a lot from it and understand exposure a
lot better. The last part when you explained how to put all three elements
together was such a clear and easy to understand method! Thank you!

Hevo Foro says:

You have a wonderful delivery/style. Production was excellent. I have to

Jana Bolz says:

Perfect Tutorial! Thank you so much!!!

Murilo Acherman says:

thank you for this amazing explanation video

rada agustin says:

i like you explained about STACCATO, hehehe

twocold says:

Great video, videographer getting into photography here… Is there any
real difference in operation in any of this between a full frame vs a crop

Paul Rhodes says:

Amazing video! I do have a question I’m shooting clothing pictures for an
ebay store with Nikon D5200. Using soft box lights and every once in awhile
I I get these crazy lines in the picture kind of like when you take a
picture of a computer screen with your cell phone camera. It’s driving me
crazy I have no idea what it is any help would be greatly appreciated. Have
a wonderful week.


Thank you so much !
I started videography recently and your video helped me a lot to understand
the basics.
even in photography because i used to play with my options till i get the
perfect picture but now i know when and how ^^
Again thank you so much

Bhoopathi raja N says:

Very useful session on photography!!! Thank you 

Sarah Bainbridge says:

Really helpful, thank you :)

Madhuraj Venkatachalaiah says:

You’re the God, man. I’ve never seen such good explanation about the
basics. Thank you.

Babar Abbas says:

this is the best lesson for bassic photography..too good…thx a lot for
sharing so usefull knowledge…once again thanks u soo many mach

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