Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 57: Rear Curtain Sync

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In this episode Mark will show how some cameras offer the ability to fire the flash at just before the second curtain closes. This is called rear or second curtain sync and it is used to freeze…


Matt Whitby says:

Not sure I’d flash into oncoming traffic.

Mark M says:

Well that looked like a great way to piss off drivers. Good thinking,


Great tutorial! many thanks!
Can u apply this setting by off flash camera?

Unclemax Designs says:

Can Rear Curtain Sync also be used with external, manual speedlites?

Barky Von Schnauzer says:

I had too watch this video three times to understand how it worked exactly,
but I have gotten some great shots by using this technique. Thanks.

BooYaa69 says:

What are your camera setting, iso, shutter speed and aperture for the pic
of Brenda @ 5:00 please?

msabaki says:

Thanks mate, really helpful.

alexlanza7&9 says:

Your tutorials are some of the best on youtube! Thanks for the tips!

Michael S. A. Mbwambo (McShady) says:

well explained, but there something is missing you didnt tell us about the
setting arrangement, like shutter speed, model, ISO and Aperture. this was
also important to be included on this tutorial 

Jack Murdock says:

ok, here is where i am confused. If first curtain sync is firing the flash
after the first curtain opens and rear sync is firing before the second one
opens, arent the two one an the same? Doesnt the rear curtain close after
the first one opens?

Joe Schmoe says:

Thank you for this excellent explanation and demonstration of something
that was a ‘bit’ confusing to me.

ps: sub’d ;)

Ivan Toman says:

It is irrelevant “what is on top of what”, sensor capturing isn’t like
painting with brush over same area multiple strokes, but all light that
sensor captures during shutter open time is simply added together, no
matter in what time order it comes in.

Also, there is a big problem using 2nd curtain because if you use long
exposures, you can’t freeze with flash the moment you choose, but when you
press shutter all exposure time passes before flash fires. This usually
means lost moment you wanted to capture, especially when shooting people or
similar dynamic things. This is why I personally almost never use 2nd
curtain, but it is just a personal preference and style.

John Eddy says:

lol those drivers were probably cursing you

Markdean Masanque says:

This was one of the Photography concepts that I never understood. Thanks to
this +snapfactory 

max factor says:

thanks alot…. very useful 

fujoukhan says:

Recently purchased a 5d MKIII after shooting Nikon for 5 years, and I
continue finding very irritating gems about Canon. First off, their lenses
are overrated! The EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Lens so far has been the
only lens worth my purchase, a beautiful lens but of course can’t be used
for everything, and I’ve yet to find other lenses worthy of filling the
other ranges. Then there’s the whole second curtain sync issue (which
brought me to this video hoping to find a resolve) and only having the
option available with Canon speedlights!! WTF?! Was the company SO
desperate to sell their product they were forced to pull such a move?! Love
the Canon quality, but these foolish feature quirks and poor lens
selection, make me wish I’d stayed with Nikon.

Stacy Jerry says:

im sick of people who say that photgraphy is easy and just one button..

City of El Lago says:

It is easy and there is two buttons… gotta count the “on” button. you
can always fix it in post

Aquamania says:

definitely appreciated this one … now I know ;)

Green Plasticbag says:

hello frozen brenda.

nilay mistry says:

Very well explain Thank you!

Nazif Ilker Sezdi says:

thanks Mark.

Paul Humphries says:

Great demonstration Mark!

Casino Beans says:

no way. TMI even if I did know a little bit about taking photos. 

AlQo7 Filmmaking says:

supscribe for supscribe ?

Kris Drake says:

I bet all those cars think theyre getting a speeding ticket! lol

hyperactiveSVK says:

thanks :)

Xovation says:

PLEASE MARK…show us how to photograph the milky way with some foreground
in the pic….either using stacking or whatever…as long as we dont have
to buy expensive mounts.

OnlyGreatness007 says:

Brenda is majorly hot. I’ll take her blurred or frozen! ;-)

patmaz1 says:

You are simply amazing,really helpfull video!

dee seta says:

WOW!!! unbeliebable!! have got to try this!!!!! thanks alot!! quick
question!! this works with off camera flashes??? like with a trigger?? so i
can use light modifiers?? if it does!! posibilies are huge!! thank you so

AGolstonT says:

It seems like 2nd/rear curtain sync is the best way to shoot every time.
Are there any benefits to shooting flash photography without rear curtain
sync? When is it a good time to not use it?

Alejandro Cerdena says:

Is there a way I can do rear or second curtain sync with strobes?

Sandy Joy says:

Mark can you tell me what camera settings you would use on a Canon for rear
curtain sync? Is this good to use for low lighting indoors for a party?

neocon70 says:

I wonder if any of the drivers thought they were caught on a speed camera
when they seen a flash in the corner of their eye as they pasted mark and
his camera flash.

Portal411 says:

what kind of tripod is that?

artee0 says:

fantastic video

Rafael David Armano says:

Wouldn’t you love to have yourself some frozen Brenda?

197278737 says:

blurred Brenda is hot lol.

mattandhisnikon says:

So is it possible to get your model razor sharp, or is there always going
to be some element of blur? When I try doing this, the movement that
happens before the flash at the rear curtain shows u in the photo, which
you mentioned and said we could get away with…

shadowmaster799 says:

Do you know someone how to blur in Nikon CoolPix L120 ?

mariam jeffs says:

hi, i always watch your tips which perfect and understandable. bcoz you
speak continue and perfect.. I understand all this episode.. could you tell
on which mode we should use..?? If we do this on A..then what would be
aperture seting ?? if we do on S..mode what would be shutter speed..? or
what would be on P..? i understand here only about rear setting of flash
and ISO 400.. mode setting you did not tell….hope you understand what i
wanna know. best regards.

trinhk says:

Thanks for the video. Are you suggestion that when you use flash, you
should use rear curtain sync?

MeLinhLam says:

i just want to say, i love your channel. Great tips and perfect

Danté Bell says:

Good stuff, Mark. But, how do you setup rear/2nd curtain sync when using
PocketWizards? Do you have to hook them up to your laptop and program them?

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