Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 24: Understanding Stops

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In this episode Mark explains what stops are and how they are used to adjust exposure settings on your camera. Follow Mark on twitter: @jmarkwallace.


Vakpathi Rao Manupadi says:

Thanks for Shaing. Your videos are superb, with clear explanantion.

Boying Ang says:

That’s a very practical and clear demonstration of Stops. Thank you. 

john carlin says:

Hi mark, good video, can you tell me how to connect your camera to the TV
so it shows your camera screen on the TV! I have a nikon d800
Many thanks

Rick Mercogliano says:

finally, thank you.

Kshitij Saxena says:

Those 4 who disliked the video.. Please go die.. 

Paul Humphries says:

Great tip on the 1/3 stops click BTW!

labradoodleandpalz says:

This video is perfect. great job

Aditya Pradhan says:

the combination of settings which resulted in the correct exposure in this
case, will vary, depending on the lighting conditions right?

G ramps says:

Well, that was really helpful

Pierre-Luc Lefrancois says:

I’ve watched dozens of videos on STOPS and you are the one that finally
made me click and catch everything I need to know ! Thanks so much ! Very
well explained and very helpful example ! Well done !

soopermich says:

anybody knows how to slow down this movie by at least 1 stop? :)

Danial Daneshmand says:

Well explained , even though i did know about third of stop system and i
was using it all this time with 3 clicks for a stop , i never realized i
was doing so.

Paul Humphries says:

Great demonstration Mark, really simplified, thank you!

tendulkarisgod says:

really useful information something a lot of tutorial don’t even mention
e.g. i did not realise each dash is 1/3 despite watching many vids!

Online Photo Courses says:

Clear and concise, and makes sense.

KidVVill says:

I love this video–thank you so much Mike!

snapfactory says:

@edwar74 LOL! Old habits…. :)

onhedich24 says:

excelent job teaching Mark my regards from Uruguay South AMERICA

djAnakin says:

Highly informative. Thank you.

Lanky Nick says:

Mark than

eddy albino says:

exellent video, explain it so clear, thanks

Daniel Oakfield says:

as a photographer I can say super explanation, all your videos are clear
and straightforward!!!

anfal aljeri says:

Nice Video :) and helpful in away i will keep checking all the Videos
thanks ;)

McCDub says:

@ClankyRochet thank you , that’s good advice : )

SecurityBreach001 says:

Thanks, this was very usefull!! :D

Ed War says:

I just hooked up this Cannn… uhhh Nikon~ lol~

ninja78 says:

how do you know you have selected the correct settings on the camera for
that particular photo ?

amol kheur says:

Your videos are one of the best I have seen in the field of photography.
There is lot of crap on you tube, but this one is far best from any videos
related to photography, way to go man….

BeccyWall says:

amazing video, would love to see more like it!

Claggy says:

Awesome explanation!

vintagepremoon says:

Your video is the bomb. This is the first time I have seen or heard a
simple, concise explanation of stops that made perfect sense. knowing the
dials increment at 1/3 stop each click is greatness. Brilliant. Thank you.

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