Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 22: Shooting Video on a DSLR

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To see how the set was built click here: Follow Mark on Twitter: @jmarkwallace In this episode Mark …


Ocinematique says:

all about selling, money, money, selling. The title of this video should
be: “Best expensive gears for shooting video on a DSLR”.
Who are you teaching to? You are not teaching, you are selling and these
jerks don’t get it or at least they are dreaming to buy it all. Well, gimme
a break…

Joseph Brown says:

Best stuff on the net for me right now. Good job. Thank you.

Tony Miller says:

I liked your explanation of Follow Focus. The DIY Dolly was cool too.
Keep posting more How To vids on using video with your DSLR. Thank you.

sosan edgard says:

Thank you

Oleksii Lytvynenko says:

BeccyWall says:

wow, great video, loved watching!

Spooner Studios says:

Great video Mark thanks. You did this at just the right time for me as I’m
getting to grips with my new 5D MK II’s video and learning loads. Keep them

poppacooter says:

wow that zacuto stuff is really expensive… i think i will just use my

Turkey0guz says:

@anutamas dgitalrev, bitch

snapfactory says:

@tikurgisila I added a link to the video description that has a few short
iPhone videos showing how the set was built. :)

Neo says:

Extensive resources. Thank you!

hschmied says:

good episode… keep it up!

tikurgisila says:

Ha! Good explanation of the follow focus..marking down the focus points.
Most importantly…What is that piece you used to build your set? Was it
DIY? What is the name of it? I can see how useful it would be to change
just the wall piece to simulate different rooms/time periods etc!! Please
tell me what that is

Rezaul Hasnath says:

Who is that stupid disliked this episode n the other tutorials by him. Even
at photography school paying ££££ u will not get so higher quality lessons.
One thing, i like the model very much!

Josef Roesler says:

Crossfire… $2,256.25 Who are you teaching to here?

Leonel Cortes says:

Was funny to see my twitter account on the screen. I got to change the
picture…. Great video as always. Great products by Zacuto (MADE IN THE

billybarret1 says:

Very interesting !

Josef Roesler says:

Wow, this whole episode was geared to sell Adorama shit to millionaires.
From basic newbie photographer to millionaire in 22 episodes. Good job.


thanx , i loved this eps , i hope adorama to make a channel for HDSLR and
also you are a pro photographer 7 the people visiting your channel for
photography not for video however thanx for it

Rome Wilkerson-Photography says:

A 10

G.N O says:

Thanks for this video everything in it was helpful.

tikurgisila says:

@snapfactory You are awesomeness ! I love it man…thanks a lot

desbugg says:

LOL right… im sure those who are ready to buy these product are good

fhqwghads says:

As usual, super informative. Dumb question though: is there any reason you
can’t use continuous focus instead of having to manually focus? I’ve never
used a DSLR for this, so completely clueless.

UVStudio says:


snupcho says:

If I get a Sony SLT it has autofocus during video. It’ll make life easier I

simon44 says:

What kit do you use for tracking and panning video?


@UVStudio zoom H4n ;)

Luca Rubino says:

With a stabilized lens and handheld, you catch great footages too.

Mancavetech says:

I give this (2) thumbs up! Keep up the great work!

Zsombor Sándor says:

awesome ! i will make that dolly myself ! :D

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