Depth of Field Tutorial – DOF – For Portraits and Group Shots. Photography Tutorial and Tips

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Ana Paula Bastos says:
Karan Maindan says:

beautifully explained…!

Dinahhs3 says:

If u can make a picture critique type of tutorials, we can benefit from
other people mistakes

thebeanerman3000 says:

Im having a photoshoot i want to tell stories with my pictures and make
them have meaning and feeling can you show different posses and different
angles to use?

Tony Le says:

awesome video as always. Thank youuuu so much, it is very informative

Chris kv says:

I think the same thing was explained by POUT on another video named
“Photography Tutorial – FIRST Lesson! What is Aperture? ” . Use single AF
because you are focusing on a single subject. If you use full Auto AF the
camera may try to focus something else.

jun val says:

okay that was quick so i’ll just stay on my 50mm,i have the kit
lens(18-105) with it but im not really happy so im planning to get a better
telephoto lens what do you suggest?Budget $500,im thinking the tamron
70-300 vc usd?,thanks jib

Yolo Dawg says:

Infact I made a mistake, I thought Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are in
South-East Asia.

kuunami says:

Thanks for making this videos bro, I’m learning a lot from you.

Brian Morley says:

I guess the main question I have is, during a group shot where is my focal
point. Do I lock in on a face and then re-position or do I move the focal
point around? Now that a have a camera with 39 focal points I feel I am
over thinking everything.

marvintheone says:

I know this but.. earrgh I give up… thanks for the vid anyways!

KeebRocks says:

Really great video as per usual. Is there a real difference between zooming
and just getting closer to the subject? For example say hypothetically you
have a 20mm f2.8 prime lens and a 30mm f2.8 primes lens. If I were to frame
my shot in exactly the same way would the depth of field be the same for
both shots? Can anyone enlighten me? :p


very useful thanks bud

Jen K says:

Not sure why anyone would dislike your videos (probably some jealous sad
git) Your videos are EXCELLENT – I have learnt so much since watching these
videos. Please keep making them they are great we love em !!!

Steven Purcell says:

Thanks, Video explains this to me so I understood it

Faris Chaudhri says:

Love your shirt!

Tim Dawg says:

I don’t have to read a book.. I went to school and Photography was my
major. Not to mention , I’ve been doing it for a living for many years. You
can have 3 photographers shooting the same subject. and get the same shot
using different F/Stops. Distance from You and the subject is a factor when
it comes how much depth of field…

PhotographersOnUTube says:

You need a mid focal range lens 28-75 range. A link of this lens is listed
on my site.

Braden Koh says:

thanks ^^

CaribbeanPhotoGuy says:

What type of photography do you shoot?

Mrlolibre says:

Great video, really nice use of examples. Quick question, where and how
should I focus with different scenarios (single, 2-3 people, 6+, etc.) If
I’m not mistaken, I should use the single centred focus point?

Rishab Kapadia says:

Awesome! As i understand this … Aperture is related to incoming light as
well as Depth of Field Low aperture = more light & less depth of field High
aperture = Less light & high depth of field can u pls confirm ?

RB26 likeaboss says:

remember me dude?

takeme2urmac says:

Thanks for the various examples. Best DOF video I’ve seen. Thank you!

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Thanks for watching! I’m glad you enjoyed the video. :)

killerboythehunk says:

Well your videos are awesome, you really simplify the details!

marvintheone says:

I know it doesn’t affect the depth of field, but that is neither the point
I’m trying to make. At 15:57 you said “Can you do this to all your shoots?
No, I was able to do this because there was enough light.” Then what I’m
saying is, “Well yeah, but why don’t you just increase shutterspeed if
there’s NOT enough light and you want to avoid darker images?” All I’m
saying is that you could have mentioned “if you want specific DOF, but
there’s not enough light, you can compensate with shutterspeed.”

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