Creative Live! Cam HD Webcam

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The Creative 73VF061000000 Live! Cam Socialize HD webcam delivers the best HD image quality in your video captures. Whether you’re video blogging, teleconferencing, or simply chatting with…


icecoldwolf says:

Some of the other HD webcams I have seen that use USB have REALLY bad
framerates because they get bottle-necked by the USB transfer rates. I have
heard of frame rates around 3-5 fps, so I am not quite convinced its
actually gonna do much.

namboozleUK says:

Yeah I’m actually sick of having to turn it up all the time

masskilla469 says:

It would be nice if they actually showed the video from it but this is a
typical review now. Wish Logan was still here

DonVares says:

is this compatible with windows vista?

xDjAsOnF says:

test footage?

Sean Brooks says:

Good video review

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