Create Mood, Atmosphere, and Drama in Photoshop

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Euadam says:

Are the RAW files available to practice with?


what is cmnd I ? on windows ?

Zenebatos says:

2:42, when i click the layer mask to brush off (like how u made the red
heart appear back), nothing happened. there must be something inbetween the
steps. i followed exactly.

panchoskywalker says:

I like it a lot. Thanks.

Tommy Mui KL says:

I couldn’t use his brush size changing tip. I press command & option key
and drag on my Mac, photoshop resizes my photo instead of the brush size.
Any help?

Etheric Dezigns says:

Just what I was looking for! :-)

Marty M says:

The best way to add atmosphere in a photo is to learn how to shoot good
photos and it makes so much more fun than sitting behind a pc for hours.
Photoshop sucks, besides small corrections it takes for ever to do stuff.

Elena Runion says:

im gonna phlearn the heck out of ya. 

Shakil Mahbub Hussain says:

Thanks Aaron really helpful videos

Ian Chen says:

Thanks again Aaron!!!

Zoltán Gál says:

Awesome work

smurfemusa says:

You are a good teacher!

Euadam says:

Not for beginners, moved very quick. 

Tanvir Ahmad Ansari says:

Hey AARON! great way thanks.

Tara Shakti says:

Thanks a lot!

Will B. Watching says:

great guys

Nicolas Carvajal says:

awesomeeeeesee quick and exactly what i needed

Breana Guidry says:

Dang it Phlearn! Every time I go to a cool tutorial, you pop up! lol
I’m a beginner and unfortunately working on a windows… but you go too
fast for me. Either that or i’m too slow. lol Once I get a little more
savvy i’ll come back to your tutorials. Namaste!

Ranjith Puthalath says:

Great Video…

siecnet siecnet says:

Good work!

Ryan Lee says:

Thank you! Great tutorial :) you help me alot says:


Usman Qamar says:

please write down that command you used on layer blending . i am unable to
bring back highlights by hitting control + option on my mac. actually i am
not able to move slider when i hit option + command thanks

eveFlower101 says:

Thanks Aron, I follow your Youtube tutorials and have got some pro
tutorials too, and they have taken my work to a whole new level. So glad I
found you :) 

Jack Golightly says:

Hey its cool guy!

susan gomez says:

Thanks, great job on this pic! I really enjoyed your tutorial.

Khoi Dao says:

Phlearn, you inspired me so much that I enjoy doing photography everyday
even painting my own face and stuff, I’m new to photoshop and barely know
what to do but you make things so seamless sometimes, you took my breath
away with Photoshop and thank you for making these videos, you are amazing
my friend!!!! If only I could sit down with you to phlearn more about it.

Tomas Ray says:

Ran into your channel and I LOVE IT. Any chance you need an assistant!? Id
work for freeeeee:)

Jessica Lark says:

Lol Aaron… awesome video… you can Phlearn me anytime ;)

marvin portillo says:

where did you get those frames in the background?

rajesh ankam says:

thanks so much buddy.. :)

DinnerWhore666 says:

you re my master ;p

David Laflamme says:

I love how you explain everything. You make it so simple and so easy to
follow. Really amazing tutorials! Thank you!!!

Tricia Hancock Floyd says:

LOVE THIS! Thanks Aaron!

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