Compositing Part 1 Ep 130: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace: Adorama Photography TV

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Close Adorama Photography TV Presents Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace. In this episode, Mark visits Gavin Hoey in London and comes u…


woodynat2000 says:

Why the re-post?

jakeman0x0 says:

Sam is hot!!

Adorama says:

Big Ben was working fine. Actually, Mark found and took advantage of a tear
in the fabric of the space-time continuum which is our best explanation for
the Big Ben thing.

mbiru1 says:

England skies weren’t gloomy today… Good work though

Beto Azamar says:

where is the result of this work?

diamened says:

Mark, do the Tamara Lackey impression again, please!

Adorama says:

The edit video is live! uAPtbWLc_J0

Leo S says:

So where’s the composite? How long do I have 2 sit here with my finger at
the ready?

Adorama says:

There were a couple of erroneous product references in the original. Sorry
for the confusion.

brodqga says:

lol, nice prehistory of Gavins video! Keep it up!

K Harvey says:

Great stuff. Thanks!

nevadaxtube says:

Sam Kozuch – yowser!

Adorama says:

Your wait is over…here is Part 2: uAPtbWLc_J0

SBPV-TV says:

nice, Mark and Gavin are working together!

Pulasthi Bandara says:

hey, shouldn’t this be the other way around? 1st Gavin should shoot his
photo and you can light according to that?

Adorama says:

Part 2 is now live! uAPtbWLc_J0

DST Music&Fun says:

I’m interested in this hand strap at the camera. what is it? Can I use
such a strap at my Nikon D7000?

Dannysubliminal says:

Sam is proper banging.

Greg Saveall says:

Jolly old England? You obviously didn’t spend much time over here, we are
all miserable…

Mica GBM says:

Great idea for a video. That was fun to watch!

Antoine Ngo says:

ahhhhh… two of my favorites…

Star Muhammad says:

You guys ROCK!!

branislavpetkovic says:

Hi Mark, Big Ben is not working or you were terribly fast?

anoopk2006 says:

My gr8 two buddies!!! Love you always… Keep going mates.

Alexis Gonzalez Molina says:

Mark + Gavin + Sam = EPIC

Emil Paje says:

Mark+kevin=[MK]Magnificient Knowledge. This formula is great adorama.

woodynat2000 says:

Looking forward to the edit video

randomgeocacher says:

You two are by far my favorite Adorama presenters btw :)

n1ckotene says:

Two of the best Youtubers together, grest stuff!

Sarawuth Mingkhwan says:

Thanks Mark & Gavin

Dave460 says:

do more of this!!! I love it!!!!! :)))))

whoshi ivon says:

Amazing videos as usual.

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