Compositing a UFO in After Effects – 3D Integration VFX Part 5

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Learn how to composite a realistic looking UFO into your scene for some awesome 3D integration VFX! In the 5th part of the 3D Integration tutorial series, I show you how to composite the layers…


Ismail Likhon says:

Dear Cool man, Thanks for your very cool tutorial. One think . i am new in
this world like 3d. I want learn 3d but i no understand that where i start
learn first. Thank you.

Vincent Leverenz says:

Very Cool! 3D Compositing a scene like this is so radical, my compositing
is going to be a studio. Not as wild as this, but these videos sure help.

4Trylla says:

somthing captivating to me is what’s on ur t-shirt. Growing up as a kid i
was a lover for street fighter game on Snes. still have on my Pc
though…lol’s,U know am grateful for the tutorial though.4Trylla

GhostWorldMedia says:

This is the best video I ever seen youtube, very informative thank you very
much. I was wondering how others doing UFO video, now I am cleared by your
video, please do some UFO video, that will help me lot 

BeowulfUnwahn says:

Or you can do all this, only in blender… :D

Jake Fraser says:

you have no idea how much this helps – passing my architecture diploma in a
month this probably just saved me danke! 

Lovely Face says:

Is there a way to have ufo a without 3D?

StinkyKnobcheese says:

Smoke of Doom! Fantastic tutorials and thank you so much :)

Zaid Sparrow says:

Where is that bullet tutorial :? +Surfaced Studio 

Lukas Sprehn says:

I would have mad the flames and smoke disappear off-frame, moving up into
the sky :)

Mrpoo pooproductions says:

And people think that they saw ufo -.,- :D

Manzur Dhanani says:

Hey awsu video just want to know …….will it be easier to integrate 3d
elements in green screen ????? Than a real life footage

Mister ChemicalBro says:

How did you learn all this stuff? I’m 21 years old and i’m very interested
in vfx. I would really become proffessional in this!

GGTA TV says:


Hackz X Mod says:

Thanks alot

TheVisualDigitalArts says:

Thanks man this helped me a lot. I don’t use 3ds max but I do take
advantage of passes in my program. until now i could never figure out how
to use all those passes together in after effects. again, Thanks. :)

Saiko Piratos says:

…why i chose graphic designer…i so want to create videos and stuff D:

akaREPTILIAN says:

Hi, great tutorial.Ok, here is the problem. I have imported a t-rex from
3ds max into after effects cs6 as a png sequence. I am trying to make the
t-rex to walk behind from the trees. I did what you did in your video. I
duplicated 2 background layers. I then placed 1 of the background layers to
the top of the composition. I then used “linear key light.” At the end, the
t-rex is half transparent. Please reply asap before I forget what I am
doing in after effects lol!

Surfaced Studio says:

Not actually working ON VGHS – now THAT would be awesome, but freddiew gave
me permission to make some tutorials for the VFX from the first season, so
that is in the works :)

Mazeyar Moeini says:

were can i buy that shirt

Jessmer Abing says:


trexzilla65 says:

Sorry to bug you because I know you can be busy but I need some advice. I
want to make a battle scene that used a scythe but I’m not sure how to make
blood slices and limbs cutting off look good. I know you did a blood splat
like you got shot but would it be different if you wanted to do a blood
slice. If you could help that would be great. Thanks. Sorry again to bug

Surfaced Studio says:

For that you will also have to do a 3D integration effect and likely use
something like RayFire to shatter a glass object in your 3D program

Surfaced Studio says:

Man, you must have watched pretty much all videos on my channel by now :)
Thank you!

Surfaced Studio says:

Will put it on my list :) I’m considering doing a bit of a horror series
around Halloween, but I’m not sure in general when I’ll get around to doing
what. It’s been pretty busy lately for me haha. But the request is now on
my list :)

Surfaced Studio says:

Thank you – always great to hear that my tutorials are useful to others :)

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