Cinema 4D Tutorial – Compositing Background

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It shows how to use 2D bitmap image as background to interact with the Cinema 4D object.


Ross Conrad says:

A little slow tutorial but well explained, thank YOU!

Kirill Gordeenko says:

ok, ok, ok, man..

maxi142009 says:

@lampa009 Hey!! you can find it in c4d library go to: Architecture

SentryGuns says:


JohanLithvall says:

ive watched this aproximatly 7 times now and with good outcome. just had
to stop by one last time and say thank you.

Johnathon Brightman says:

Simple explanation. Thanks very much Ken.

FalconTrixXGaming says:

when i render, my background doesn’t appear what do i do??

louis88louis says:

good tutorial. Thanks kenykkutube

Andrej Spilevoj says:

Hi I have advanced question: how do you do compositing with shadow and
Depth of field? Whenever I turn on depth of field in effects it affects the
background image as well. Please advise

mmaghfai says:

Thanks for the vid…it’s a great intro to C4D…please make some
more….very very helpful…..

ukramedia says:


Ruben van hee says:


John Mac says:

Thank you so much man… This tutorial saved my ass on a project I was
working on

Smekendjuret says:

thanks for this tutorial, nicely done and for me as a neebie in this
program it was very giving cheers

HissingStone714 says:

I fixed the problem, thanks :)

Agnostic says:

you are speaking too slow…

DreisSniper says:

Thanks dude, very good tips !

lovingriise says:

Thank you for posting! :-)

Charrasca Arts says:

I followed your tutorial and i learned a lot. Love from Mexico.

CodUnrealClan says:

@arisko777 Yes you can, just create a material and select a video for the
texture. After this drag the material onto your background layer. I hope
this helped.

StianYumi says:

@MSPXBLadder YummY ^_^

NeoSapienist says:


overphloh says:

Hint: When you align your camera and you you’ve got a horizon in your
background image (like you do in this tutorial), you should match the
horizon of the background image with the horizon line in C4D (the dashed
line in the editor), otherwise the perspective won’t be right. …good
tutorial by the way!

HissingStone714 says:

When i put the Image on the background my C4D Crashes

shizophrenia39 says:

where i can find this HTR image???????

StianYumi says:

@lampa009 HDRI images can be found on the web, err I have a good collection
I can look up for you when im home. Send me a PM if you’re still interested.

lampa009 says:

how can i find a HDR image ? for my project ? , or a converter for that :( ?

Cx2Videos says:

thank you, knowing now that you click seen by camera on the sky made my
life a lot easier

Wayne Beeston says:

cheers, i learnt a lot from that ;-)

Shocksina1062 says:

Very good !!!!!!

Xácome Alcántara says:

Great tutorial, one of the most useful.

Joey says:

yeah good question

RedEyeLobine says:

thank you for the very helpful tutorial. i’m still new to c4d so here might
be a stupid question. i’ve got everything fine except that my sky and floor
remain squared instead of taking up their original widescreen aspect ratio.
in your final composition in the beginning it was widescreen but you didn’t
show how to do that. can you please let me know? :)

MrMachinimator says:

Mine just comes up black? What should i do?

mikeyman466 says:

Oke. Oke like in southpark oke

Devilish Designs says:

again anyone care to explain about the HDR image thing?

IndecentGaming says:

“Okay” :)

jachvideos says:

why it doesnt appear in 2d views??

Jacky Shingange says:

Thanks :)

jackyvivid says:

no…..u need motion capturing technique!

assyyyriaa says:

Nice tut but where you get the Hdr file?

JGomez3d says:

Great vid man, thanks!

Devilish Designs says:

again anyone care to explain about the HDR image thing?

iwanttogrowup says:

@HDDesign1337 You have to check the Global illumination and ambient
occlusion. and un-check auto light for the Global illumination to function
to work

uzurhorns says:

Thanks. Very helpful.

Raja Sharidan says:

no need to make tutorials if u cannot speak up…!!!!!! do we have to
volume up to the max to hear u?

3dmonkeybizz says:

Thanks Ken! Very simple and very well explained. A great help!

StudioSnipinTM says:

I get application error please help

taIib says:

@ TERRANCIO is a cocksucker. this is very useful tut… keep it up

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