Cinema 4D Tutorial Compositing (3d animations on 2d images)

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New fxchannelhouse tutorial, for Cinema4D, compositing 3d animation with 2D images to create realistic environments, casting some awesome shadows. No third p…


Cubinator73 says:

I used to do this with a background object instead of a background plane,
but this didn’t work always as I wanted.
Really cool tutorial :)

Ricardo Salazar says:

very nice idea.
the ambient oclussion makes a line between the 2 planes.
in your final example you made the vertical plane much futher away i guess

Pedro Ramos says:

Thanks for the tut, mate, it’s very useful! Cheers!

codesignofficial says:

cool one man!!!

Polygon Edge says:

Super! love it!



fxchannelhouse says:

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