Change the background picture of an image using Refine Tool | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial (HD)

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In this Photoshop tutorial, we will go over the basics of removing a background from an image, and then replacing the deleted background with a funky new design. Changing the background of…


Leslie Boom says:

Can’t hear a word your saying cause the crappy music playing. Would be a
great tutorial if we could hear you…

Maximus 1964 says:

really doing a tutorial with music in the background the whole point of a
tutorial is to here what people are saying not listen to crap music you
might of well not said a word cus i could not here you very well

Melanie Bayer says:

the song is kualoa chant by stephen anderson

Dawn Ford says:

why does my subject have white on her. It looks like the chalkboard style
where you can still see through the white. Thank you

Azizur Rahman says:

nice tutorials… but this is a pre background removed pic… so can i work
like ur tutorial with original pic(hair girl)? 

John Michael Cahill says:


Joy Sengupta says:


wahsher says:

music is too laud.

Antoinette Oosthuizen says:

I like the music… but not when im trying to listen to you :) Really nice
tutorial :) thanks!

Amber Ryuuzaki says:

i cant hear a word your saying 

playingfor4 says:

Better than me, but thats not good photoshoping :/ Look at the hair edges
when u are done, all grey…

Vivek Kumar Wadhawan says:

its a good tutorial and u too bt please don’t use background sound in video
or you may decrease the volume Quality of background sound in video ……
its very difficult to here wat u saying …… 

Daniel Laversace says:

Can’t hear a fucking shit! 

Juchrisad says:

Constructive advise would be to make your voice a priority as the
instructions are detailed in the tutorial. The music muffled your voice.
Good Tutorial but hard to hear.

Rachel benton says:

Amazing! So perfect :-) 

Darene Weston says:

Hi I am Just Watched This VideoChange the background picture of an image
using Refine Tool | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial (HD) Watch Here Change the
background picture of an image using Refine Tool | Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

DevilThroat says:

Thank you …Perfect Video …Music is a little loud …bu its a beautiful
Music too :) Thank you so much for Tutorial & Music :) 

Roeland Geys says:

Hi. Nice tutorial. I would like to suggest you to lower the volume of the
background music. You do not speak native English so it’s not perfectly
clear what you are saying. The volume of the background music makes this
worse. I like your video but if you keep this in mind your next videos wil
be even better. Bye bye.

Sekai Burt says:

This makes me feel tired

Kevin Ventura says:

This is why I hate long messy hair, it’s so hard to edit on Photoshop

Bratti Nella says:

not totally blacken the edges of the hair.

ThaiPrayBoy says:

Very good tutorial but damn bad BG music.

Mohamad Zeineddine says:

get rid of that damn music brooooo

almina akter says:

Really nice tutorial.

Darshan Goswami says:

which instrumental music in the video.plz tell me

Jiraphong Srijunyanont says:

annoying music

Tommy CA says:

Great tutorial however the background music is too loud. Sometimes I can’t
hear what you were saying. Thanks for the great vid.

LetitiaCollins says:

what version of photoshop are you using? I’m using CS4 and my menu options
are not the same

marc gariepy says:

holly shit the music really gets on my nerves dude !!!

علي العامري says:

Change the background picture of an image using R…:

Elizabeth Clifton says:

why does mine shows more the background when I used the brushed instead of
erasing it????? :(

El Mono says:

Kill the music, please !

ranveerj says:

Would have been a great tutorial had there ben no music (and it was
increasing exponentially !!!). Had to start finding another tutorial
halfway !!!

Mukund Sunil says:


nellygrace1962 says:

Looks good but cannot hear you as the music to too LOUD….

Tamieka Hall says:

I loved the video, your instructions were concise, not too fast with just
enough explanation. you’re good at this! Although I enjoyed the music, it
was extremely loud and at times dominated what you were saying… I lost the
part about the history brush… I would love to hear what you were saying…

Deanna Lavender says:

Helpful video but why don’t you take a lesson in creating videos and adding
background music?

imagesby2215 says:

Music way too loud!!

odbayar zorigt says:
Sudhakar Shukla says:

the background music is so loud that it fucked up the whole charm of the

CutestGalaxy says:

my photoshop doesnt choose the part that i want PLSSSS HELP

nenoulon sadien says:

the music is too loud and distracting

Louissaint Herold says:

Name of the song please

Ariana Metz says:

dude your music is louder than you i can barely hear you!

violation cure says:

you loose some hair.

Peter Todd says:

can’t even hear the stupid prick cause of his stupid fucking music 

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