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Mr Martin Chu just won a Creative Live! Webcam after joining PrizeVerge for only 1 day!! Visit us to start winning –

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Rosa Crumpton’s entry for a seat at Creative Live’s Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photographers course with Lindsay Adler.

In this video I review the Creative Live! Cam Vista IM Webcam 73VF042000000 Reviews .For more details on this product and to purchase please visit: Don`t forget to…

Sorry for the poor video quality. Maybe I should be looking to attend one of MR Laforet’s workshops.

A small video to put my name in the running to be in the audience with Sue Bryce furring her creative live workshop. Wish me luck! Check me out on twitch. Leave a thumbs up to help out my channel and help me continue to make these. Finance Friday: Get Creative, Live Longer! A study published in the June issue of the Journal of Aging and Health found that creativity leads to longer life. Researche…

Lucyna hosting a live broadcast at the Creative Live Studios.