Car Show Photography Tips

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Andrew Koroluk says:

dood what car are you driving

ro22ss says:

Chelsea what lens were you using for the red roadster that you showed the
after photoshop example?

Marco Alvarado says:

what camera are you wearing? thats clipped to your cap.

Krzysztof Blach says:

Awesome video and tips!
You guys have any videos and tips on how and what settings to use on a
traveling trip? Most cameras come with PSAM, Auto, Landscape Portrait and
Sports pre-sets, what settings you would use and when?
PS also what two lenses would you pick for traveling? 

cmurphylife says:

I guess using a tripod isn’t really practical at these kind of events? I’m
sure lot of people would get annoyed with you, haha!

Tony Northrup says:

Chelsea & I give you tips for photographing car shows. Please share!

Mike Macak says:

What kind of car are you guys driving? :) 

T Leighton Womack says:

Is Chelsea using the Slide camera strap from Peak Design?

Donald MacLeay says:

One other thing about those reflections and specular highlights, they can
throw off your light metering and underexpose the photo. Either bracket,
use exposure compensation, or go manual. Also, turn your flash on to fill
in the shadows, but realize the flash can cause reflections you don’t want
and use up your battery quickly. Avoid your own reflection, unless you are
as attractive as Chelsea.

igetsmart says:

nice video and good tips thanks

dwimmerlaik2251 says:

Awesome video with some great tips. 

Brian Braxton says:

What do you think of the Sony RX100 M3 for a point and shoot pocket camera?

TractorTrailerWorld says:

Great tip about shooting low, it works for video too.

desk0z says:

Beautiful pictures… Really great!

Alexander Luthor says:

Tony and Chelsea, another wonderful video with such awesome tips, thank

aelian says:

I almost asked a question regarding HDR but then I referred to the book and
found the answer! Shameless plug! ;)

TheRacerRich says:

Subscribed to the site, bought the book, enjoy the videos, find everything
helpful, but WHY on earth do you guys always pan across photos in your
videos? Why not just cut away to a frame of the photo in its entirety, so
we can actually see what it looks like?

CentralNintendo1 says:

Love your videos!

JohnH4260 says:

You two are FABOUSH ! Dig your channel.

retro666future says:

Tony aka Tony9000.

perfectforehand says:

One more thing: photographing your bad ass BMW in your garage using a
studio set up, who knows… could go viral.

RobNurgundy says:

Loved the in car video at the end with Tony concentrating on driving :)

bulldozer646 says:

when i shot a car show i us a wide angle lenses like the tamron 10-24mm

Darlene Watkins says:

Now I have to find a car show!! 

John Gilbert says:

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encourage you to buy their book Stunning Digital Photography. No matter how
experienced you are you will learn something new from it. Get the on-line
version, it is continuously updated and you get all the training videos to
boot. There are some great tips from this video. Car Show Photography Tips

Joe Wakeford says:

This is a great lil’ video guys, succinct and packed with tips. Nice work!

thegreatga says:

You really really really REALLY want me to buy that book, well I guess.
Seeing how useful your videos are, I feel compelled to buy the book now.
(I also realize it adds to bottom dollar in manufacturing this videos)

Maxwell Starr says:

@ 5:51 – Bricklin!

digitaldeviation says:

Tony you’re looking a bit like a cyborg with all that gear hanging off you. ;) Good video & tips.

jonuiuc says:

Excellent Video, probably the first time I’ve been presented with a clear
use case for a fisheye lens (that is not a rap video) or a situation where
HDR is appropriate. I just started playing with photography this year. I
guess I’ll have to buy your book…

Jim Bailie says:
Andrew Cowley says:
Thorsten Engels says:

Chelsea, do you allready own a Peak design Slide strap?

photographerjonathan says:

what is the car your driving at the end of the video ?

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