Capture Every Detail – Canon EOS 650D DSLR Camera Tutorial – Canon

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This Canon 650D DSLR camera tutorial, based on our TV commercial, will show you how you can capture every detail for yourself. The Canon EOS 650D, with shutt…


dağkan bayramoğlu says:

he’s taking a photo during the rain.

anandrajsundram says:

he is water proof as well as the 650D

kingEvoz says:

Question! , how to record longer video in EOS 650d :(

Kiat Liang says:

It only rains on the 2 girls

ChadMcC01 says:

So the 650D is weather sealed with an articulating LCD???

SimplyAwesome says:

She was talking on the phone during the rain ??

glyn m6xx says:

I am just starting out with DSLR so thanks for the great tutorials.

Mary Palomino says:

Good info thanks .. I didn’t know that.

Buitrilius says:

waste of water

ZY Productions says:

Well no, i own a 650D and i’m not proud to say that it’s not weather

ZY Productions says:

Fake rain XD

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