Canon T3i vs. T2i vs. Nikon D5100 – Comparison & Full Review – Best DSLR Cameras Under $700?

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Let’s COMPARE the CANON T3i vs. T2i vs. the NIKON D5100 – FULL Review with HD Video, Photos and Time Lapses… We’ll take a fresh look at the Canon EOS.


FierceXJC X says:

Those prices are old. The prices for those cameras got lower over the

Aaron DeBoer says:

Thanks David! Awesome video. Gonna purchase a Canon T2i now for social

Ted Junior says:

canon 50mm f1.4

incawarrior68 says:

This is NOT a comparison video with the the D5100 or the 2 other Canon’s
and shouldn’t be titled as one. 

What a beautiful life! says:

Had to fast forward just to see how the video or image quality is, oh

Gilson C Junior says:

Thanks David! Awesome video. Gonna purchase a Canon T2i now for social

Viviana Casias says:


Jkay Pn says:

D5100 seems like the winner here

Bernard van Lioncourt says:

Thx guy

Andre Hutabarat says:

Is canon T3i exactly similar with canon 600d?

Stephon Gibbs says:

so… um about the d5100?

endou mamoro says:

sir which single lens should i buy for T2i to make music video!i need
single lence coz i dont have too much money!thks

DiceyReviews says:

Of all the reviewers I have found you are the most thorough and detailed,
which I love! If you could manage to make the video part of the video more
interested somehow by using for video or by being on camera that would
great, but not necessary. Because you are the best reviewer I have found, I
would love if you could review the 1DX as nobody really has and I am
considering it.

Hamza Kazi says:

thanks great video

DSLRVideoClassroom says:

Thanks for the comment. I disagree slightly on two points… 1) Neither of
us can actually get our hands on a T4i, mine was ordered shortly after the
official announcement-hoping to see it soon. 2) Canon does not usually just
“replace” a proven winner – like the T2i or T3i. They will add the T4i to
the top of the Prosumer line-up. I expect we will be able to get the T2i
for some time yet – and at great prices. To prove the point – you can still
get a T1i new on Amazon today. Warm regards, David

gurudeclan says:

Brilliant production. Entertaining and informative.

aduh1987 says:

hey pleaseee respond my question is in ur review for the t3i u said the max
time it captures for hd video is 10 – 13 minutes. What about the t2i ? what
is the max amount of full hd video it captures? Thanks!

Indrajit Roy says:

Fuk u canon fan

James Payton says:

Get a grip you pedantic person.

Saleem Effects says:

YAY!!!!!!!! ^_^

rachray83 says:

Excellent video, but now I’m stuck between the T3i & T2i & D5100 lol!
Although I will say the D5100 now moves to 3rd place..

YTnotthesame says:

whats wrong with learning

TheEnemy says:

Well I was about to buy the 600db

Devesh Chamling says:

hi i love my t2i…could tell me if 50mm f1.8 lens will do good to my 550d
for street photography??

Crystal Mover says:

It’s extinct because the Canon EOS 650D(T4i) replaced both the 600D(T3i)
and the 550D(T2i)!

DSLRVideoClassroom says:

Agreed. Even with the T4i out now… unless you really need auto focus
while shooting and a bit better performance when shooting in low light…
and want to spend twice as much for the T4i with lens kit… the T2i is
still a GREAT and comparable camera and for a lot less.

James Payton says:

Hi David, I thought the video was great, so f*** this ridiculous person :)
have a great day mate

Markster Lew says:

The Canon 550D (T2i) is still a fantastic camera! Has the same sensor from
the Canon 7D.

DSLRVideoClassroom says:

Very cool. Glad to help. ~ David

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