Canon EOS 7D Mark II Field Test: Capturing nature with Adam Jones

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When we review high-end DSLRs, one of the most common requests we receive is to get them into the hands of professional photographers that work in the kinds of environments for which they were…


Andrew Cowley says:

Nice camera, is it overpriced?

Yippie says:

This whole video felt like a Canon advertisement. 

Adl Al amiri says:

if u wana great pics buy all these expensive lenses then a canon 7D MKII

the real test is with the lens that came with

not all people can afford these lenses 

Pat Ellis says:

Great review dslr daily deals just posted a black friday sale on the 7d
Mark II on
for anyone looking for one

GamerTierCasts says:

Wich lens do you recommend to get started with wildlife photography? I
already have a Tamron 70-200 2.8

Ran Bar-Levi says:

These new Generation of in the field reviews in the camera element are just
Great review and an interesting photographer’s day all in one.

mpgxsvcd says:

Great content. Thank you Dpreview for putting together such an informative
video. The 7D MKII is definitely an extremely capable still camera.
However, I couldn’t help but notice that the video footage was extremely
poor compared to the Panasonic 4K Micro Four Thirds options. Shooting at 4K
not only helps with resolution it would also help with the youtube

YouTube allocates a lot more bandwidth to 1440p video and 4K video. You
probably could have eliminated most of the compression artifacts by
rendering this video to a much higher bit rate and to 1440p or even 4K. The
up-scaling won’t help resolution but it will eliminate the compression
artifacts that were extremely distracting and portrayed the 7D as an
inferior video camera.

Aminul Islam Sajib says:

His website?

Mark Ryan says:

Correction: Professional game farm animal photographer.

Robert Whetton says:

Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like

Kamloops Trout says:

Very well done… and helpful ….I thoroughly enjoyed the video ,
especially as I am considering the 7dII as my next purchase.

Kenneth Lau says:

I have bought one for myself, really loving it!!!

Thomas Bruers says:

I bought it and I love the 7D mark II! Great review! :)

Noah Bershatsky says:

Great video – very entertaining and well done!

Lester Wong says:

Fantastic Photo shoot at the Montana Nature Farm.

Jeff1232D says:

Which medium lens schould I choose with the 7D mkii for landscape ? Canon
24-70 f/4 is usm or the canon 17-55 f/2.8 is ?
Very nice video and very usefull by the way+dpreview

Francis Andriamitantsoa says:

this is exactly how a review should be…. great ….

Truett Ray says:

Top notch video, guys. 

Stephan Ottow says:

Wow f13…never stopped down that much for action shots…but I think I
should do it more often. 

RAWW says:

loved this review!!! man oh man I cant wait to get my hands on this 7d
10fps and it don’t quit! well now I gotta find another 1700.00 somewhere…
if youd like, stop by for my wildlife videos shot with my canon 6d. also
say hi on fb keep shooting yall! much

T.J. Powell says:

Capturing Nature with the Canon 7D Mark II

Awesome Video from +dpreview on the Canon 7D Mark II on Nature
Photography. Seems like they were cheating a bit on the wildlife photos
but it looks great.

#canon #7dmarkii #7dm2 

stephan joe says:

I’d love to get out and about in nature working with a pro photographer
awesome review

GifCo says:

Bit more of a commercial then a “review” I would normally say that is a
negative but this is a kick ass camera and almost all of this seemingly
biased information is very true!! 

I Love Photography says:

Nice commercial for Canon

Eric McDuffie says:

Closed Captions, please because i am a deaf photographer… thanks

ajay mohan says:

A7s or 7D mk II

Damir Božić says:

Great video/reclame

Zeissler Music says:

i always have a cup of coffe on my desk :-)

atyl1972 says:

What an awe inspiring video review this is, absolutely stunning pictures
and very lucky guys seeing mountain lions that close up, wow.

Mike Moore says:

What a refreshing way of reviewing a camera… fantastic! Thank you.

Caroline Foster says:

Great review – loved the ‘on location’, practical-application approach
rather than studio driven facts and figures. Of course, shooting with
kick-ass lenses makes a h-u-g-e difference to what’s possible too,
something not dwelled on in the video. But hey-ho, I really am now even
more keen to add one of these to my arsenal! says:

Does 7D Mark II have continuous AF for 1080p video capture. Portion of
above video showed a great video capture of a moving mountain lion. the
caption said 7D Mark 2 footage.

Larry Zapata says:

The best review video of the 7d2!!!

Andi Straumann says:

Great review!
maybe I will still stay at the apsc sensor with this one!
Love all the functions.

Ofek Ogen says:

Great review and a beautiful video. I wish more camera reviews were like
this one. Less heavy on the paper specs, and more real-life performance
focus. Once again, great job. keep it up.

TheAsylum72 says:

Cheer’s Good review , Cheating is not a point of Camera , The test review
for Moving object or Wildlife -Photo & Video ,how accurate the system 

siwalan lor says:

Beautiful landscape. Btw the music soo ‘Brokeback Mountain’. Lol

Jiří Dvořák says:

This is one most informative and beautifull video i´ve seen about (not
just) 7D mark 2 ! Really impressive. Magic light,and beuatifull nature.

Ralph Fletcher says:

One of the best videos I’ve seen. Nicely paced. And it’s not too advanced.

Jorge O. Sosa says:

You are using a Canon 16-35mm f4 L lens in Canon 7D MK II which is an APS-C
sensor camera. Are they compatible? In the specification at B&H, they don’t
said that you can use it on a APS-C sensor Camera. Please inform if you can
use it on APS-C cameras. 

Ezra M B says:

This was a great and very intelligent review from DP Review. I am also very
glad that I watched it because as a recent and proud owner of the 7D Mark
II, I just learned from the video that my camera has a built in
intervalometer for long term continuous shots like star trailing! Kudos
also to professional photographer Adam Jones, seems like a nice and
well-rounded person with a strong passion for wildlife photography. 

Dave Steckler says:

Well done with great information and images! Thanks

airpilikia says:

Very well done. Thanks
PS. Proud owner of this camera! : )

atyl1972 says:
Seth McGaha says:

Capturing Nature with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II

AGH331 says:

Great review – would love to see more of these!

jirgis13 says:

This is more of a commercial than a review

André Vermeeren says:
Tyler Wolstenholme says:

Great video. Can’t wait to get mg hand on one of these 

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