Canon EOS 7D DSLR Camera Unboxing

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Canon 7D Purchase Link: Canon EOS 7D DSLR Camera Unboxing In this video we’ll take you through the unboxing the Canon EOS 7D 18 Megapixel DSLR Camera. *Update* …


Turki says:

Damn, I’m digging that accent !

Justinn Martinez says:

can this camera work with a MAC

lucaspiresr says:

I would go with the 60D and lenses..

Jonathan Morrison says:

@ObseleteSilence lol I’m heading there now :D

Fediaization says:


36awong says:

nikon ftw! get a d300s!

Connor Selby says:

@jcp2k ur stupid

moviedude22 says:

JUST purchased my EOS 7D and I’m too nervous to take it out of the!

neofx23 says:

despite the battery issue great choice!

Khaled Alghuraibi says:

i have eos 1100

peanutapt says:

Dude i just now got my Canon 7D I got everything EXCEPT BATTERY!!! I hope
ebay seller gets this fixed in 2 days or ima be pissed!

jeo koeoekdss says:

good luck with that best buy issue….kinda weird that canon said you were
not the first one…

Navdeep Baidwan says:

how would u compare the nikon d7000 against this .. which one’s better ???

Ashriel Olimpo says:

I just got my 7D today and it is so freaking awesome. I chose this over the
550D because I want something that lasts longer than the 550D haha xD

GrodiPutin says:

@finddavid7 the 7d is not the same camera as t2i/550d

purplehaze says:

Good review

Jonathan Morrison says:

@GarrettBMXes lol sorry bout that! :D

EdouardPicard0224 says:


chhrriissttiinnhiiXD says:

Its big!! I want it better then my small nixon camera i want this

RedBird says:

ur suppose to get the battery along wif the camera.. if u dint get it u
should go back to the shop and ask for it instead of buying them

kirakiller15 says:

you sound like jon4lakers

airbornghost123 says:

i want this sooo badly to replace my sony webbie HD camcorder lol

Shiranui Akatsuki says:

luckily you recording this one unnboxing…you can show the proof back to
the shop

jlalibertee says:

dude how do you afford that! i want one..

Jibran Mukhtar says:

i really feel da same

Ashriel Olimpo says:

550D or this?

Joonas Puhakka says:

NoooooooOOO Kit lens….

Jonathan Morrison says:

@RadeonFighters Thanks bud :) I plan on it.

bugsbunny159 says:

did anyone know the average human eye is 576 megapixels:DD:D

Jonathan Morrison says:

@alltheluck That’s good to hear :) I read A LOT of people having issues
with 3rd party cables BUT for $3 it’s worth a shot! Thanks for the info!

jameslcr says:

tha=is guys trying to sound like jon4lakers

cali fornia says:

I got the BABY 7d aka canon t2i/550d

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