CANON EOS 60D DSLR camera – ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY (Tutorial video)

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The attached lens is a 18-135mm standard zoom. I am not a PRO. As a matter of fact, i am a NOOBY in DSLR world. I would like to thank the people who gave me …


Terry Timberlake says:

Great advice

Pixelle Spleen says:

nice one. thx

Elliott White says:

Elecktra7752 it’s about £1000 

iamkevinism says:

kuya diba ang shutter speed pag nilagay sa 60 mabagal ang take ng pic? or
suppose to be 1/60 yun shutter?

fatdazday says:

Nice one, good to hear tips well explained !

Motochic636 says:

i want to get one of those how much was it?

KevinDC Photojournalist says:

@iamkevinism 1.60, dpende sa style ng shoot na gusto mo.. 1/60 pwede
gamitin sa sports, specially sa racing sports kung gs2 mo may panning
effect ang photo na kalalabasan, kung gs2 mo naman frozen ang letrato, mas
mabilis na shutter speed ang kailangan.

KkahluaHero says:

I heard this camera doesn’t come with the additional lenses, how much would
it cost on top of the 1k?

gopi meesala says:

Good thanks for sharing

Frost Breaker says:

@odnanref1100 right dude a.i it is!!!! ennnnkkkkk

mark bryan baron says:

pag sure!

SkyStudioVideography says:

I want a video SLR set up, so far i gathered the canon 60d 18-200 lens, 3
point continues soft box light set up seems the right way to go, can you
advise me on any of this gear, im shooting a music artist with a green
screen background, gonna shoot outdoors as well later but its mainly for
music videos.

sivakumaresan superamaniam says:

Very useful video. Tq bro.

John Dennis says:

hahaha! Pinoy! AYOS PRE!!! Salamats!

jaymarmarasigan says:

nice one bro i do the samething as you do.. thanks for this video

patricia2952 says:

Good tutorial, I wish more were like this. Show exactly what needs to be
done to achieve a certain technique or effect

waackomann says:

You need to use a faster shutter speed !

incognitostatus says:

increase your shutter speed :D

Ruffy Marapao says:

TOL, i just bought a CANON 60D my first dslr. Im going to try those panning
techniques. if you have more techniques please share it to us. salamt boss

Ricky Bobby says:

Random Monster Truck at 3:50 Like so people can see it!

Nirmal Raj Joshi says:

he say go out and goes inside the house.. Lol 2:19

Roberlin Purba says:

i love his accent. no hatred nor sarcasm attached.

Jepy says:

haha same here. got the 60D, and im filipino, exchanged student in Japan..

fer es says:

its not AL SERVO my friend, AI SERVO i guess….

Jon Aquino says:

i just got this camera yesterday and im filipino!!!!! :DD <- – - – yabang noh!

Bry's says:

nice 1 , pinoy na pinoy talaga hehehe

fritz ryan says:

thank you kabayan…i just had my canon 60d..and im subscribing you now..

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