Canon 600D T3i best DSLR movie settings

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A quick tutorial in setting the best movie settings for filming video on the Canon 600D T3i camera. This lesson has a look at setting recording size, grid an…


2MuchAction4U says:

Very helpful thanks!

laurenisdem says:

How can you change the movie recording size? Whenever I go to change that
it just changes digital zoom, and not what I want it to do.

aliya ahmed says:

why is my videos blurry when i record it ?

Amena says:

Thanks for this video! I tried all these settings but my problem is my skin
tone appears burn like (orange/red) when I look on my computer. How can I
solve this problem? Is it possibly the white balance? Also, I record on a
T5i which I thought was similar to T3i…

MrHeavyXD says:

thanks. you are really helping me out.

HairCrushNL says:

This was helpfull, thank you for sharing. But I still have a question. When
I want to record, my camera also a 600D stops automatically around the 40
seconds :(

Kiltynachess says:

Oh yus

StudBuddha says:

Is there a way to use the built in flash with while you record. I can’t
figure it out.

Ollie Burton says:

When I record I sit about 5 feet away from the camera, how would I get it
to focus where I need it to before I go to sit down? Thanks :)

Yasa Aulia Natasha says:

which setting i need, if i want to recording as long as 600 D can with at
least 720p resolution? so far i just can recorded for 8 minutes

Alex Marie says:

How do you change the f/stop? My problem has been getting the burred- bokeh
backgrounds that I do when shooting pictures in manual to come through on
my films

Live Talk Beauty by Leslie says:

Thanks so much for this video. I found it to be extremely helpful. 

Sam Thorburn says:

Surely you need to get the most flat look, not vivid look for post colour
correction to be most effective? 

Beauty Geek says:

Thank you so much for making this video!! I just ordered my T3i and cannot
wait to use it. Would all of the settings mentioned in this video be best
for videos I plan on uploading to YouTube?

Lamont Carey says:

when filming after 5 to 10min the video cuts off. How do I change stop this
from happening

Kevin Roberts says:

when i record, it stops automatically after 8 sec. what do i do wrong?

laurence grant says:

Thanks man helped a lot 

Jamieex1 says:

Quick question,when i record a video and put it on my editing software
there’s black boarders on the top and bottom? Please help?!

Qendrim Rakaj says:

Hi. I have a problem with my video mode on 600D. It stopped
automaticlly,perhaps in some seconds .I have a 16 GB Memory stick and I
think that that`s enough ,but I don`t know what`s the problem ,why are my
video still stopping.I hoppe that you can help me . Thank u . 

rezza tolentino says:

What should I do if the Camera says, “Movie recording has been stopped
automatically”? Thank u. Ur answer is a big help for me. :)

lifeisa boss says:

like and a subscribe :-)

Johnathan Morales says:

Hi question. When I record it tends to stop and says something like “movie
recording has stopped” that not even a full minute of recording. How do I
avoid that because its a real pain in the ass lol. 

DevilKiller100 says:

What settings do you suggest to avoid noise in low light videos? I use
50fps to avoid light flickering and do smooth slow motions in editing. But
I can’t set shutter speed to 1/50 (as I read somewhere is the best setting
for low light shooting) because it stuck to 1/60 and doesn’t go under. What
shall I do?

TheFaZeGAMER says:

When I take video its only for 2 second then the video stops

Jhun Fajrun says:

ilike it

Saulo Casal says:

Your zipper is kinda open there buddy lol

lauratdrummer says:

Are these are good settings for creating a DVD?… 

Resource777 says:

Whats the equivalent of auto exposure or canon 650D?

kontube00 says:

Hi Dave. i just got T3i. got the problem with setting and u already did
help with this video. thx btw.
But i still have a little white square right in the middle of the screen.
it will be OFF only when i’m recording video. but . . i dont want it there
no more. please help

LearnWithBrad says:

The real secret to amazing video footage is intro music like this guy

Yasmin S. says:

I can’t change my camera’s resolution & frame rate from 1080p25 to 1080p24,
can someone help ASAP!?

Mirene Igwabi says:

Thank you so much your a life saver!! 

Asen St says:

hello, what lens did u use for this video? thanks

aglova46 says:

How do you pause on the canon rebel t3i whilst filming?

David Kelsey says:

What settings do you recommend for shooting on green screen… so far all
my attempts in various levels of lighting have proved a waste of time as
they come out too blurry to be able to effectively key out the green. Any
suggestions welcome. Thanks

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