Building Your Best Photoshop Computer 2015

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Building Your Best Photoshop Computer 2015 Photoshop Computer Builds & Parts Down Below! Building…


Kelvin Wilson says:

Roberto you made a great review, and your presentaton was flawless.
Answered all my questions, and have subscribed to your channel. TY

King says:

Going to build my own very soon. Probably will add a higher end GPU because
i’m going to be turning to PC gaming as well. Great video though ! 

SweBass says:

Hackintosch is good to experiment with the OS but definetly not rely on
that to be your 1st machine. OSX is designed to work with an apple
hardware, or it won’t be reliable at all (one of the example is that OS X
doesn’t allow TRIM on third party SSDs so you would kill your ssd in no
time) if you work as a designer a stable machine is the key. Get a Mac or
build a pc but a hackintoch is definetly not a good option…

CrypticDesignsHD says:

+Roberto Blake What monitor do you recommend for graphics? I currently have
a really old almost square looking monitor since I spent most of my money
on my pc build. Looking for a good but cheap upgrade.

Jeff Delgado says:

Nice video. But I was wondering, what can I do to speed up my brushes when
I increase them? They lack a bit once I increase the size. This happens in
photoshop and in Manga studios. I have 16 gb of ram at 3.0 ghz and quad
processor. Running on windows 7. It’s an HP computer. What do I need to do
to eliminate the lag?. I’m a digital artist by the way. .lol thanks for the

Honey Bunnies says:

This is just what I needed. I’m about to buy a computer

Bob coolshoes says:

Me I built a gaming rig.
I’m happy.
Cpu: amd a-8 6600k
Ram: gskills ??? (2×4)
Motherboard: Msi a88xm-e45
Graphics card: gigabyte r9 270 OC
HDD: seagate barracuda 2TB
Case: cooler master n200 or 300 not sure
Psu: Evga 600b watts 80+ certified

Tom Erik Sivertsen says:

In the high end build what about going for a nvidia quadro graphic card
that supports 10Bit monitors like the high-end Eizo CG and NEC PA series

TrueStoryBro says:

Thanks Roberto for those valuable information! 

guthannight says:

i love to build my own machine. this way i know what is in my computer. I
have a 8 core amd and it has done me very very well the last 2 years

nuggz503 says:

Good info, man. If you built your rig for like a mid level gaming pc
shouldn’t have no probs running PS. I originally built mine w/ gaming in
mind but dont really game too much now. However did just get into photoshop
recently and my i5 w/ the 760gtx have no problems running photoshop or

Only thing I would add is dont go cheap on your mouse. My originally MX
broke so I’ve been using this tiny logitech m325 and it bloody sucks. If
your doing photoshop you’ll probably be spending hours w/ a mouse in your

thedreamkillerbg says:

I need you to do the mac video so I can make my final decision 

Matthew Gregorowicz says:

This is pretty good information. Thanks for uploading!

CrypticDesignsHD says:

If any of you are trying to “BUILD” your own computer I have some tips for

*Study* PC building. There are some crucial things you need to know before
building a PC. For example: Do not build it on a carpet unless you have an
anti-static wristband. If your motherboard comes with golden screw mounts.
USE them. They’re there for a reason so you don’t fry your mobo
(motherboard) like I did. Last tip is, do not spend most of your money on
the graphics card and have a cheap cpu (processor). I can almost guarantee
you that you will regret it later on because the bad CPU will hold you back
from the full potential of the GPU (graphics car)

Aℓαηтιc ƒℓαмє says:

for hitting the top end i would go with
this would be for editing videos it would be smoothing with reasonable
render times, with its 8 cores certainly that is why we went with a xeon
the more expensive ones are better. but any work. sure its clock speed is
worse but for video editing more cores is better. for a gaming computer
playing mutli threaded games would be wonderful on this. but not all games
are multi threaded.
water cooling is option. but its fine with or without.

Roberto Blake says:
Luis Robles says:

Very insightful, informative… I gain lots of knowledge. Thanks for
putting videos like this. 

Azlan Kassim says: one question. Instead of using ssd is it ok to use sshd? Thanks

Aℓαηтιc ƒℓαмє says:

as a gamer if i had to build a gaming computer with a 2000$ budget to buy
i would buy
pny has video cards in both of my computer they are very nice
i have a ibm Model M keyboard that i have had since forever its a great
keyboard if you type a lot. but any modern mechincal keyboard would be
great for typing but getting and 40$ ones would be fine. same for mouse get
anything that is good enough as it doesn’t matter as long as you fine it
good enough.
the cpu can be oc i have my running at 4.4ghz without turbo boost that is
why i would get a cooler fan it is always a good idea though. for gaming
the numbers of cores doesn’t matter.

Molto Bene says:

thanx for the information Roberto, always appreciated :)

Mind Blow says:

I like the new termonology for a hackantosh computer frankenmac lol……

Bill Fox says:

Hi Bob;

My current situation is this: I’m still on my Mac Book Pro (Version 10. 6.
8 with a Snow — Leopard operating system) and woefully using CS 3. I plan
on a temporary
upgrade to Yosemite and upgrading to CS6. I know eventually; I’ll have to
to CC, utilizing CS7. My ?’s are as follows:

* Will I be able to download my files from CC to my desk top and than save
back those files
to an earlier version (i.e.; CS6)?
* If not, how and where can I back save those files?
* I guess one will not be able to store CS7 files on on their external hard
drives is that
* For now what older versions of CS can I use on Yosemite?
* Lastly; how long will CS6 be supported?

Any input on the above would be appreciated.


Bill Fox — BF Illustrated ( / Email:

thedreamkillerbg says:

And I have a question why didn’t you talk about pc screens 

Carlson Flamily says:

hey man, excellent video. Defenitely subscribing. Just wanna say thanks
because you saved me from a big expense. I’ve already maxed out my
workstation in terms of processing power, memory and a thorough storage
system (fyi, I’ve added one additional 4GB time capsule drive that backs up
all work progress on hourly basis. It’s SAVED me from hellish mistakes). I
was about to drop big dollars on a GeForce Titan but low and behold, as you
say, photoshop (and lightroom I presume) isn’t very dependent on GPU
features compared to the rest of the system. Looks like my 4 year old
Radeon will hold up after all. (I’m not a gamer anymore) So yeah, thanks
again Roberto!

tom ripberger says:

Am i missing the case and power supply for the budget pc?

Mind Blow says:

This also helped alot becuase having or wanting a proffesional channel to
my standards is gonna take alot of computing power then again like you said
there are alternative options if someone isnt in the budget.

JaYJ4yVM says:

Is this a good build for mostly Photoshop and Illustrator:


CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K

RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 2 x 8GB DDR3 1866MHz CAS9


PSU: Corsair RM650

SSD: Corsair Force LS 240GB

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200rpm

Im on a budget, thanks!

Neil Winn says:

I’ve been out of the loop with pc hardware and this video is exactly what I
needed to catch up! Thanks so much for posting!

Dave Sucsy says:

Thanks Roberto, Very good and helpful presentation.

Tiny critique: The word is “regardless”, not “irregardless”. Please fix
that. The overall quality of your information and presentation is so high
that your misspeaking here is inconsistent and makes you less than you are.

Thanks for your great videos and keep up the good work!!!

Shandy Elliott says:

When you mentioned not necessarily needing to buy a video card (versus
using on board video), I had to rewind and make sure I heard you correctly.
There is something odd about a person spending $200 – $800 for a legitimate
copy of Photoshop software but then NOT buying a dedicated video card. I
cannot see any legitimate scenario where that would make sense.

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