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For this edition of Brainstorm, we traveled to Los Angeles to pay a studio visit to adult video director turned incredibly popular photographer Van Styles. W…


89edipus89 says:

puf!, quien es la modelo?, no es muy guapa, pero que pinche cuerpaazo se
carga la hija de puta!,
está super cogible!!!

godinezmarco says:

she makes all the blood flow to my penis

Liam Salazar says:

Whats the beat pleasse shit goes to hard 2:30

thesmoothone says:

22 is that, prime age

Avi B says:

3:17 , workin hard there bro

Ronnie A. says:

Nipple 2:39

HouseAddictionz says:

The guy for sure got a bonerr hahaha shes so fkn sexyy

A TURD says:

I could’ve sworn Tianna had more of a Spanish accent. 

Angel Caro says:

3:03 nip slip !

Hob Bz says:

+DMasta4life 5d mark iii

Markus P. says:

Van’s such a cool dude. Source of inspiration for sure. Hope he never stops
doing what he does. 

YoungTaylorss says:


nenofury says:

Who cares about this fag. Show the chick.

KeuponAddicT says:

Song @ 2:30 please. This prod goes so hard

gilbert siaw says:


Jeffrey Hernandez says:


supremesunnyg says:

i see more ass…

SyXchoOfficial says:

1:42 ;)

eli Gangstar says:

the reason

Samarth Swed says:

beat at 2:25 is hard as fuck!

Madspedersen01 says:

Tiannag on instagram :-)

s1u1g1e1 says:

how can one get on the flow team or am team DGK?

Engels Romero says:

21 years? and big ass… damnnnn!

Ska Edit says:


andres77n says:

Van styles always puts in work!! Check out my instagram @dresnava

HouseAddictionz says:

i think anyone would do a shout with you….. no freakingg agreement!!

marcus bailey says:

whats the song @2:30..?! shit raw..!

Al King says:

Yeah slt

Kyler Stinson says:

people laugh that im always wearing DGK. but fuck what people think. i fuck
with dgk. i just cant wait to be riding for them one day!

Azzen Loewe says:

To see some good skate boarding check out my 2013 skate videos

PIstaker456 says:

Just take pics of yourself and post them on the internet.

Jarrel Walcott says:

Being professional. All business.

Amanda Vetter says:


Jason Jackson says:

This job not for me I think ) cause its so hard to control yourself from
animal instincts ))) haha

christopher bhagarattee says:

She fine af

lamad11 says:

dgk girl :D

Josue Murillo says:


Jurret Chris says:

that asss

Natali Ventura says:

He’s done photography in the adult industry so I doubt he’ll get a boner
while shooting the girls.

Joshua Urie says:


miguel lemus says:

Dam van styles is my idol forreals and tianna Gregory is my model crush she
is amazing you both keep up the great work…@fukk_jdm Instagram

curzer goon says:


Jarrel Walcott says:

Lucky? No, Hustle.

Ben Denetra says:

what is the girls name? or instagram name?

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