Boudoir Photography – simple tips using natural light

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Joshua Semrok says:

What times do you guys usually shot at? 

eka gaurangga says:

why do you use slow speed? why not raise the ISO???

K'Voi Longnie says:

I fall in love with you. Thanks for sharing

Noisia Steampunk says:

Y U SO uncomfortable. You are So! adorable and pretty….

Chris Kew says:

Thanks very much for taking the time to do these videos, they are very
useful. Your pictures are great as they look very natural. Your
photographer is amazing 

Roger Rojas says:

Totally amaze, keep up the good work.

Bishop Deville says:

thank you for the tutorials

zadrhion says:

Gorgeous young woman with great legs. Very helpful video. Thanks.

mohamed abdel-hady says:

very useful tips and u’re exquisitely pretty

m AUSTIN says:

Wow, the shot at around 8 min is fantastic! In this shot, you look as
gorgeous as any high fashion or centerfold model. Great video put in
simple terms. Thank you and keep up with great work!

christschinwon says:

Cant believe she’s uncomfortable with her perfect body

Al Delprado says:

I would have never guessed that you were not happy with the lower part of
your body. It does not come out in the photos. You look like you very happy
with any type photo . You need not worry ,I would say you have wonderful
body so if there is a problem you do a fantastic job of working around it .
Thanks for the tips ! 

Ashraf Hassan says:

why’s the background always messy!!!?

U Nyunt Shwe says:

Simple, but produces wonderful images; thank to the so beautiful model!!

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

hola desde ecuador, suba un video en español WeeklyImogen
Hello from Ecuador, upload a video in Spanish WeeklyImogen

LatkaKaufman says:

Very useful, and watching a tuturial listening such sweet and wonderful
voice.. priceless. Thnx a lot.

Rob S says:

Did you know , when your mother said that she wanted the best for you, she
was talking about me ? ;-)

ورقة امتحانك اونلاين says:

so beauty but when talking u miss half of your beauty

Bishop Deville says:

at 2:57 what is that moving by chair ?

Benny Ng says:

You are very beautiful. Your photos are fantastically beautiful too.

mark sawyer says:

Where have you been all my life, lol Love your work and lighting techniques

joseph hortelano says:

more tutorials please

cifcap9 says:

Excellent work and very inspirational!

Carlo Dumeland says:

super ;)

Abbas Ahmad says:

very nice model with normal photo and simple

Thierry Russo-Delattre says:

You’re not simply a photograph. You’re a star !


HI Mogen, Outstanding photo’s, loved the poses,just great , great
photography work, Mark. As always the model is glamorous, and very
photogenic,perfect. Dan

seetha naidu says:
Ed Rymes says:

I don’t know why I’ve never come across WeeklyImogen before but I am glad I
found it. It is kind of unique to have the model explain how the shot was
done and what the photographer (and model) was trying to achieve.In this
day of tablets and smart phones, these videos are of great use to all
photographers who can show to the model just what they are trying to
achieve, and if the model and photographer are on the same page then
chances are better that a great shoot will result. Thank you.

donepearce says:

You must be the perfect model. Articulate, witty, full of ideas and not one
to simply say “OK luv, where do you want me?”. And you really understand
your body. That’s just great.

hsucks says:

You’re incredibly sexy. Thank for sharing your tips. Really helped me, an

Joey Bautista says:

so that means that the built-in flash is always or recommended to be

Ariel Ladrido says:

beautiful and sexy,of course very imformative tips….thanks…


i have been using flash alot, but now i will concentrate on natural light
where i can. great videos

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