Blender Tutorial: Node Compositing

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UPDATE: Here’s a link to the updated video tutorial, with improved audio: Hi, everyone! I present…


TheGIKKIO says:

too slow tutorial

Reynante Martinez says:

I agree with you. Thanks so much for the feedback. -Reyn

beatallmighty58 says:

One complaint is that you’re mumbling or use a stereo microphone so we can
hear you better but other than that it was excellent!

Reynante Martinez says:

Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for the feedback. I am very humbled,
honored, and overwhelmed by the amount of comments you gave. In addition to
this, I am currently fixing the audio issues and will update you with the
improved video (and audio). Thanks so much! :) -Reyn

Reynante Martinez says:

Wow, Walter, I’m very happy to know that. Thanks! ^_^

MoolahNasreddin says:

Hi, Reynante! Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve found that this “mix overdrive”
artifact can be solved using Add instead of Screen. When I did some alike
compositing I’ve found no visual difference between these two modes. Only
that Add doesn’t have this problem.

masterxeon1001 says:

brilliant tut!

masterxeon1001 says:

great! subscribe!

Lord2SAV says:

Thank you

Reynante Martinez says:

Thanks, Sandra. :)

Sandra Gilbert says:

Great tutorial!

pepepemariano says:

we need this kind of tutorial in spanish…

Reynante Martinez says:

Thanks for this very helpful suggestion! :) -Reyn

VIDEÓK says:

you added a image node and a color balance node in 10 minutes! jeeez :S it
is for veeery noobs! pls make ADVANCED tutorials, on your level you have
to! there is lot of beginner tutorials out there, pls don’t waste your (and
minde) time to tell how can i bring in a panel on the right :S

istopen says:

Please make more Tutorials! :)

Walter Johnson says:

I can’t wait to watch this. Reynante you have always been one of my
favorite Blender artists since I found you on deviantart years ago. Thanks
for the tutorial.

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