Behind-the-Scenes: NYC Conquer Your Fears in Street Photography Workshop 2015

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Eric Kim Photography says:

Enjoy this new behind-the-scenes video of my recent NYC Street Photography
Workshop on Conquering Your Fears! :)

Abraham Dakin says:

Cool vid – would be cool to see some photos.

rozegr says:

how incredible

yuri rasin says:

a great inside look, very interesting, thanks from France Eric

Jonathan Higbee says:

Such an invaluable experience!

Bryan Campbell says:

Come back to Chicago ASAP. Would love to take a workshop.

Also a recommendation for future videos maybe feature a slide show of
everyone’s best 1 or 2 shots from the workshop if they agree to it.

Austin Woods says:

That Bulls shirt though!

Mikael Bågesund says:

Finally a new video from King Eric, would like to join in a workshop with
you but unfortunately I live too far away :(.

axel palacios says:

when will have a workshop here in mexico???

Jeffrey Su says:

……… emmmm

Darren Channell says:

Great job. Keep up the good work

kvisualtree says:

Great vid..loved it !

Brian Ramnath says:

I guess as long as the clients feel they are getting value for the spend
that’s the important thing.

Gong Liu says:

Eric, Just a suggestion. I love these videos about their experience and
what students learned in the class. You should also share the students’
work at the end of the video. We all love to see it!

splootan says:

So so poor seems to me this it through the eyes of dork Eric Kim this is
NOT STREET PHOTOGRAPHY this is invasion of privacy… you might as well
carry DSLRS and shove in there faces!! erick is a joke!!

Tim Thudium says:

Awwww memories. Wish I looked on camera the way I think do in my head but
ok lol

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