Avoid over exposed blown out highlights and lost details. VERY important DSLR Photography Tip

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Wilbmoore blackartist. says:

Bro thank you soooooo much. I was looking for it and you helped. I hate it
when these tutorials mention something and don’t explain where to turn it
on as if everybody should know. Thanks for this.

Rama Kambhampati says:

very informative, excellent i like it

ian patrick says:

if this is not your subject then why are you making a video on it!!!!

Rkkay26 says:

thanks, very helpful :)

Zombmee says:

D3100 Users, to View the highlights – in review mode ( Once you’ve taken a
picture, push the play button ) While looking at your pic, push up on the
navigation pad ( same button you use to move your focus points around )
Continue pushing up until you get the hightlight mode.

GOdsire16 says:

omg dude – than you – i panicked at first thinking i burned my LCD or
sumthing XD – im a beginner on this photography game – and it actually
makes sense now as well. cool feature :D thanks

Ca Ny says:

loved this tips. thanks jibran!:)

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Yes, I don’t recall the last time I used histrogram. Not saying it’s not
useful but blownout highlights won’t get detected by histogram.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Pay attention! The blown out highlight is not my subject. The grapes in the
picture ARE and that’s why I made the video. Sorry, next time I’ll check
with you if it’s worth making the video or not.

Al3770 says:

Really appreciate your tips! Thx

justletmesigninokthx says:

Cool. Thanks, its there in my Nikon D5000 & something I always look out
for. Thanks.

rellufs says:

Can you explain what you mean by “lost information” and how it can be
recovered? I thought the flashing areas just showed the parts of the photo
that are overexposed (and that exposure needs to be adjusted, if desired).
Thanks! Your videos have been extremely helpful!

PhotographersOnUTube says:

@rellufs lost information = no data in them. If there is no data then it
can’t be recovered in post processing.

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