After Effects Tutorial: Advanced Chroma Keying and Compositing (PART 1)

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Some things covered: -keying out footage -rendering alpha channel -lightwrap technique – Lightwrap Technique:…


Mordaxx Boy says:

i dont have no keylight Dxxxxxxxxxxxxx

HyminymExtra says:

@SuperElias10 You can use a luma key

shankeith says:

perfect tutorial man! great work

Cristian Cordoba says:

What Is Your Machine? What Is Your Rig?

abatum says:

It’s almost the same thing but blue screen is more if you want to make
videos with water effects etc…

BrandonMichael4 says:

Nice work brotha!

cc123456789 says:

my edges keep flickering when I key out the green, what is happening? i’ve
tried soft colour as well as hard colour and source using keylight.

SuperElias10 says:

what do I use to key out a white screen?

Theo Constantin says:

Romanian music :)

NathanXDC says:

Where can i find an athmosphere with dust like yours??? i really need one..
Btw the final result is epic:)

royalnaz1 says:

what is the name of the picture you got from istockphoto

BetatestBanned says:

Can you share your CE Lightwrap dude

wez4darb says:

thank you so much

Jordee Arvin says:

where did you get the picture?

finddestiny says:

thanks, will definatly try this out. :]

sirchristian12 says:

what do you use as blue screen? can I use a blue tarp?

LeBronFilms says:

@ilovethesimpsons8 Depends on what clothing and/or prop your using. Blue
jeans will be effected on a bluescreen. So a greenscreen would be better.
And vice-versa.

k163gamer says:


Erik Osmon says:

where’d you get the background image at?

MultiJacob123 says:

thanks man

Divya Raj says:

i have a prob while doing this tutorial….in LEVELS effect when i change
ALPHA INPUT WHITE =255 and ALPHA INPUT BLACK= 0,,the croma screen video
turns black…and it is no disapearing and it is hiding my background jpeg
image……can u plz help me out………. thanks Regard Divya :)

croyboy202 says:

@ilovethesimpsons8 whatever color u like more

Testosteroso says:

Thank you so much for this video…I couldnt figure out how to make pre
keyed videos for premiere. but this really helped!!!

Henry Klein says:

Some really good tips here. Thanks man.

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