After Effects : Nikon D5000 Compositing

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Testing the D5k for compositing. Horrible rolling shutter makes it almost impossible on most shots, even with repair. Additional credits go to Yap Chun Fei for the modelling on the drone. …


Richard Altamirano says:

Muy Buenos videos,,, Saludos : )

PekinVN says:

Nice !

TimmyCrackCorn says:

I actually like your end shot (the one after the credits) even better.
Looks like it could be used for a production company logo-trailer. You do
nice work all-around though. Keep it up.

triShotFilms says:

Very nice!

KrazyKali69 says:

very nice, but how to fix the rolling shutter?

1334Jon says:

Awesome, but whats the tune called?

Kaio says:

wooow really cool!!!

NetworkFail says:

Whats the music?

Jordan Suleiman says:

@KrazyKali69 Have a look at the Foundry’s plug-in called Rolling Shutter.
It is available for Nuke and After Effects. It fixes rolling shutter
artifacts, though sometimes not perfectly.

Watchemms says:

this is amazing work guys!! how do you incorperate 3d modeling into after
effects though? just wondering because im making a film soon that has 3d

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