AE Speed Compositing EP. 01 (Greenscreen)

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Greenscreen Compositing using Photoshop CS6 (Vanishing Point) & After Effects CS6 Track: Mr. Probz – Drivin´ http://in…


OhNoLoweIt - Rap Channel says:

How did you do the image projection?? i usually do it in maya but you did
it hella fast in after effects

Pixel Vill∆ge says:

This is really cool! Im going to try to learn how to do this :)

DaveFutureFilms says:

Can you explain what you were doing at the very beginning in Photoshop?
Were you using Vanishing Point to make individual layers of the walls,
ceiling, and floor?

Саунд Вэйв says:

Great! And what about lights and shadows that must play on this person?
This could make the scene more realistic.


Sehr gut…alter!

Nick Thompson says:

How long did this take in real time? 

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