Advanced Photoshop Compositing Tutorial

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Commercial Photographer Chris Nuzzaco conducts an in depth tutorial explaining advanced Photoshop compositing techniques. He covers channel based masking and…


Ryan Kelly says:

This is advanced Photoshop? That was painful to watch/listen. Nothing
personal, I’m sure I couldn’t make it much more interesting, but that’s why
I leave it to people like Aaron (search Phlearn) that make these tutorials

MrSetterfield says:

absolutely one of the best tutorials. Do you make the four pictures you
used available to followers, who may want to try and practice while
watching your tutorial. I always like to learn by doing as I am watching.

Rui Gonçalves dos Santos says:

Great tutorial! Thanks!

BeautyandtheLens says:

AWESOME tutorial!!! Very informative!!

Erzengel667 says:

why don’t you just take the black woman on the mat and copy her out of the
channel and insert her into a layer, without having to use the magic wand
tool? you could use that layer as a mask then.

devonmale69 says:

get CS6 you not take 6hrs this is so long-winded its unreal

Alan Youngblood says:

great tutorial! i’m going to be coming back to this video again and again!

Dragos C says:

Such a great tutorial! Learned a lot! The girl is beautiful! Is she a
koreean or japanese? I don’t think she is a chinese. Thanks for this

samersaxman says:

I’m not able to watch it !!??

Erzengel667 says:

ok Thanks! i understand :) i i found your tutorial very interesting and
helpful too! :) if you’ve got some more tricks that save time, i’m sure i’d
love to see a tutorial on those or maybe just a private message if your
timetable allows it :)

Ryan Johnson says:

any ideas for composites? I need help with a class I am taking

NuzzacoPhoto says:

LOL. Not Anymore.

Matt Alexander says:

Very nice, very informative. I’ve been Photoshopping for 6ish years now
(compositing being a personal favorite of mine), and this tutorial has
introduced ways to manipulate lighting I haven’t yet thought of. I’ll
definitely be returning to this video.

garrett allen says:

Tons of help thanks!!!

Sheryl Eco Cabelin says:

i like it

automatedpilots says:

Excellent tutorial! I was looking for a way to match lighting in my
composites, and you covered alot of problems I was having. Thank you!

declinedera says:

Actual ideas could be: take a person and add it in a macro shot, for
example. Think people on the bookshelf or hanging around in / around tea
cups. But on the other hand the post with the request is a year old so…
probably a bit too late now :)

Siniverisyys says:

Great, thank you! I picked up a few new tricks!!

James Stewart says:

You mumble alot :)

declinedera says:

But take subjects without a lot of separate hair strands. For example
wearing a baseball cap or with “compact” hair. OR try adding people from
one long shot into another, if the shooting perspective etc are similar. I
suggest this because you have far less fine details to cut out so in my
opinion it could also be a good place to start. Detailed hair cutouts are a
bit more advanced.

NuzzacoPhoto says:

You certainly could do that too, I don’t think you really gain too much
though in terms of speed, either way you go you’ll still have to do more
refinement. In my day to day work for paying clients, I use the pen tool
and paths far more often. It’s not as fast, but you have far more control
over it and the results are always worth the effort. For hair and anything
fuzzy, I’ve got a ton of alternative tricks up my sleeve ;)

MrSetterfield says:

i definitely learnt more about manipulating lighting in the picture
correctly. Good job, and great tutorial.

1990banks says:

Thought I was watching 6 o’clock news for a second then.

H. Max says:

A nostalgic return to CS4. Many tools have been improved since then
(dodge/burn). Some useful techniques, but fairly outdated and slow-moving.
Useful stuff doesn’t really begin ’til about 12:00 minutes. A very long 52

maij8 says:

Very informative; I have a long way to go :-) Thank you!

wyndscape says:

Absolutely fantastic. I’ll be checking out the blog for certain. GREAT
instruction! Thank you, Chris!

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