Adobe Photoshop – Graphic Design Tutorial – Drawings to Illustrations (Beginner)

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A tutorial for beginners who want to to convert their drawings into illustrations, using Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial was designed for a Web Graphic Design…


Clipping Path Specialist says:

It’s great.

Nicson Flores says:

Do you really need a drawing tablet?

theiaksdm adlpf says:

wow best tutorial i’ve ever watched :D THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

MDPlanet says:

Hi, what kind of tablet do you use?

sublogical says:

Sorry for the late reply, I normally use a Wacom intuos 3 tablet to color,
but find that it is much easier to draw using a pencil and paper, then
using the scan method taught here to import the photo. Adobe Illustrator’s
“Live Trace” feature is also a good method to clean up the lines and give
it that nice vector effect.

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