Adobe Photoshop CS6 Face Swap Tutorial | RealFlame

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A very simple face swap for adobe photoshop Photo Creds: R.D Jr JB …


ViSiOnX 2014™ Gaming Video's and Vines says:

ctrl c does not work

MiRN says:

how did you swap justins face to roberts, witch button did u press?

Yahye Osman says:

How do i work the transparent stage?? 2:34

Ann Darling says:


qExecute says:

For some reason it wont let me backspace after contrasting …

Pitseolak Pfeifer says:

thank you young man. you helped me, it was simple, more simple than adults
made it seems. :D

Ian Mejia says:

what command did you use to duplicate?

lewis p says:

Once I’ve done it all. I’m left with a white outline around the face?

JayHawkGaming says:

how did u select both? I’m sorry I just got Photoshop

Lame says:

auto blend doens’t works, any solution?

None says:

The music volume is drowning your voice.

Shnork Heddhoj says:

How did you select both of the layers? in 3:06

DiglidiDudeNG says:

Thanks for the tutorial, it helped a lot!

Ameer Fakhraldin says:

how did u duplicate without right click it wont let me can u do it for me

Dan Kousaka says:

Not the world’s best tutorial, but i did undestand everything, and could do
it at the same time. Thanks a bunch! Was really helpfull.

Demented Valkyre says:

when i ctrl + c and ctrl + v the lines you have didnt show up, any help?

Jovan Carter says:

Can I pay you to do one of these for me?

James Navarro says:

at 2:36 – 2:43 , How did he do that? 

welovedesign says:

it’s just like Photoshop Training Channel’s video…..

Christian Windfield Escalante says:

Why is the “autoblend layers” unavailable? It’s there in the options, but
it can’t be clicked

Jack Slatt says:

when i pasted the face onto the other picture it didn’t give me the option
to resize

Jennifer Moyes says:

Worked perfectly for me – thanks for the great instructions!

Hichem Marakchi says:

comment suprimer le face selectioné ?? SVP

Golden Sky says:

HOW do select both of them wtf?

Mente van Blokland says:

i can’t click on auto blend! Help?

Timothy TH says:

it worked thanks dude

Project Pro says:

how do u select 2 layers??????? plz

IncongrousHusky123 says:

of all the faces xD

Adriel Ferdianto says:

I lol’d at your tutorial! lol changing Robert Jr’s Face with JB.. wth

Christopher Heide says:

WTF are he saying 1:36
“And just click” what is he saying!

Daniel Ljung says:

Thank So much Works Perfect :D :) + one sub :DDDDD

ecoscienceguy1010 says:

Thank you so much dude <3 This helped me out a lot! Couldn’t find a more
detailed tutorial than yours… 

BanTerCakes says:

Thank You sahhhhhhh much you are brilliant

Jc Alfon says:

For some reason when i modify it and do the steps the lines disappear and
mess everything up.

FoxySpenser - League of Legends Shorts says:

Thanks! lol

XFallGamerz says:

you deserve more likes and wiews

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