Adam Elmakias FRO VS No FRO: RAWtalk Photography Episode #083

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Close Click Here to download this weeks RAWtalk Episode as well as read the full photo news stories. This week I had Adam Elmakias into the loft to sit down…


Jose A Hernandez says:

Its great that Jared mention that interview starts at minutes 47. Most of
the time i stop watching after Stephen finishes his news. Then the next day
or following day, i view the whole interview. 

icantell says:

This is so awesome, fro talking good things about A Day To Remember, one of
my fav bands, and interviewing Adam Elmakias, one of my fav photographers.

Joe Saunders says:

this was such a great interview and i haven’t hear of Adam until now and
seems like a great guy. wouldn’t mind to see more videos with him and jared

Dara Tinnel says:

i think the sony action cam as100v is really good up there with gopro

hi9313 says:

can someone say which 4 lenses are used in this interview?

oMkRnRTz says:

Very interesting episode!

DSLR says:

Jared this is the thing that I look forward to during all of Tuesday

area4race says:


thomas an says:

FINALLY A VIDEO ABOUT HIMMM!!!! I love his photos #bandwhore

Jared Polin says:

THUMBS UP FOR BALDNESS lol. If you like these type of interview please give
the video a thumbs up.

Thanks JARED

RossDuJour says:

Married with Children… Love and marriage, love and marriage… Go
together like a horse and carriage, this I tell ya brother, you can’t have
one without the other.

DSLR says:

Let the Hair Games Begin!

googleisadouche says:

The new Lytro is run off of ANDROID!!!! WTF? 1500?????

Ezekiel Flores says:

This was probably one of my favorite episodes of RAW talk! Thanks guys,
Keep up the good work

Baylor Goforth says:

Thank you Jared, for making such entertaining videos that have inspired
myself and others to start doing photography (even though my parents hate
how expensive it is).

Nick Lö says:

Oh yeah haven’t watch it yet, but Adam Elmakias is really an awesome guy!

Joe Wakeford says:

48:14 for Adam action

Alex Chapman says:

way to RIGHT HOOK Sam Greene

Jake Meyer says:

RAWtalk literally makes tuesday’s bearable 

Jamie Denton says:

I watch RAWTalk before I go to bed. It’s 11pm now in the UK!

Jake Ribas says:

The mega-ray bit

Kyo Valera says:

hi jared, im a fan from philippines haha i still have a beta i think its
still working and along side with it is a porn movies from my dad… i used
to sneek in and watch it whenever my parents are not around

Ken Arnold says:

Great interview

JesseTyVise says:

Great rawtalk, two great guys and great photographers!

Derrick Crocker says:

i love ADTR, i love adam elmakias!, and i love froknowsphoto! so this is a
must watch

Grim0925 says:

Adam and Jared converse so well together. Great chemistry!

Keep up the great work Jared!

DTMPro says:

Finally, I was waiting for that

Duncan Young says:

Hey guys fantastic show, from a bald snapper in the UK. 

Paul Alabama says:

Adam looks like geico;)

Manuel Santos says:

Jared please post a video of you playing the piano

kevin cater says:

# singthehelloutofit

mattcrossisback says:

Two of my favorite photographers in one video, awesome!

Katja Maaß says:

I gotta admit that i watched this video mainly because of adam and i have
to say that i am not disappointed. It seems like you two get along really
well and it made me happy. Good Job Fro / no Fro :)

Dominik Pietzko says:


Filipe Ferreira says:

Just love this show (All the way from Portugal)! Great job and always

c0pyimitati0n says:

I love my Lowepro Video Fastpack 350!

Joe Stone says:

Been watching two rawtalk videos each day for around two weeks now…it’s
been the best two weeks of my life!! Haha great videos Jarrod!!! 

calcer111 says:

Is it just me or does Adam sound a bit like Sutter?

Alysuis says:

Just going off on a bit of a rant! Well kinda lol. I have quite a few
friends who are strippers and i gotta say they are some of the best people
i know. They are a bit crazy but that’s the life they want so i don’t hold
anything against them(but i do…pun). I recommend reading up on strip
clubs and strippers! there is a very negative stigma against the profession
in our culture that just hasn’t been true to my experience!

Alberto Sampieri says:


Claudio Trajtemberg says:

25:00 a Ken Rockwell moment lol

Kyle Medina says:

Why not just delete it Jared. You talk about respect but you didn’t respect
the request from Bon Jovi? You can’t use it so why not just delete it. You
never know what could happen. Stuff leaks all the time. Or is like a
personal i have this photo yada yada.

Ken Arnold says:

I watch Rawtalk with my breakfast and morning coffee…thanks Jared!

c0pyimitati0n says:

How is the gopro a bitch to update? You just download the firmware to your
sd card and put it in your camera and turn it on…..

BfoSHIZnats says:

Do you guys have time to time stamp your topics in the description? Cause
these talks are very long videos.

c0pyimitati0n says:

20:56 “Love & marriage, love & marriage, go together like a horse and
carriage, this i tell ya brother, you can’t have one without the other….”

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