8 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Make Money in Photography

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Alejandro Campos says:

I want you to be my mentor!!! PLS!

Dave Hill says:

Really informative and inspirational. Thank you! 

King of Diamonds says:

J.P. Morgan? Isn’t that someone else?

Seanny D says:

I agree with a lot of this. Confidence is what makes a photographer
attractive for business. Getting out of that comfort zone for the sake of
the photo is what defines the photographer. Great advice.

EMIP TV says:

Great Advice, Thank You

xNinerSwag says:

Great advice. Thank you!

Kevin Yurasovich says:

I didn’t know you went to Art Center! I’ll be going there for photography
this fall! 

James E. Walker Jr. says:

Thanks JP! This is both timely and affirmative for me.

julianliues says:

You look sharp and young in this video .

mmarsbarr says:

Love the professionalism and how approachable your videos are, better than
any of the posers out there, great tips, thanks!! 

Helenayu Su says:

Very helpful! but i am only have the original 55mm lenses which come with
the Rebel T3i. Is that ok? Anyway thank you very much and love this video.

Thomas DeVille says:

How would be able to enter in classes though?

Sandaru Dilshan says:

Can I enter the Giveaway, if I paying the shipping cost?(I am not in US)

Samtagri says:

Thats good advice. I am now trying to grow my photography business, but
it’s tough in the Netherlands. People here are not flamboyant like in the
USA. They are enclosed and rather stingy!

Gio brent Garrovillas says:

can you be my mentor?

Obi Kenobi says:

good stuff :)

theskiboarder1997 says:

Hi JP,
I’m sure you already know this but I think this video would be a lot better
if you applied the rule of 30. If the wider shot was positioned from even 5
feet to the side of the main camera it would make the whole video flow much
more smoothly. Otherwise it looks a little too jumpy and distracting

fahad al-swayed says:

i need a lens please love you all 

Mou di says:

too bad i can’t win the lens :/ i’m not from U.s ..

Laura Perdomo says:

Thank you so much :), you are awesome! 

V Dan says:

7 great tips. Thank you.

TheKiwiJobes says:

tameron is good but the 70-200 has some nasty vignetting 

kimmobley333 says:

Great video, thank you!

JW Purdy says:

Jay P Morgan you are wonderful. I have been following you for so long now
and love you shows and work. As you said I’ve just been nervous about
getting out there for real. I have shot here and there for money and even
been published in a fine art “NUDE” magazine but never gave myself a chance
I guess. Thanks for the push, now its time to get to work. 

mrisaiahmiller says:

Great video guys! Thanks for posting!

Samuel Wilson says:

Giveaway limited to US citizens :(

Nghai R. González V. says:

Thanks, greetings from panamá, love you guys

Antonio Tony says:

Thank you this helped a lot. I felt more better after watching this. Keep
it up .

oasisbeach says:

Even though ten pro photographers like you come together and shoot, it
would not help to grow the company I work for :) thank you for the great
video though. 

Mario Gualtieri says:

You forgot the biggest thing living in United States. You need to have
insurance if you’re equipment falls over hit somebody or if you’re back up
and step on grandma’s leg. This could cost you your house and all future
earnings. This is happened to my neighbor when a client left the house and
fell down in the yard. Even though she told the client not to walk down the
left side of the house it didn’t matter. Homeowners insurance paid some of
it. But she made payments to this lady for six years afterwards.Big $$$$$$

Bill Weissborn says:

Great advice. AND not just for a photography business.

beauchampy says:

“Don’t turn anything down, shoot everything” – I’m not sure about this
advice. I’ve been freelancing for just 9 months and I’ve been asked to
shoot (video) a ton of weddings. I’ve turned them all down. Why? Because I
think it’s really important to build a portfolio that really stands out and
differs from the norm. Every videographer and his dog has a wedding video
(or 20) on their portfolio. I prefer to put my time into something
different that gets me noticed. So far, it’s been working. The last two
months I’ve made double what I did in my 9-5 job.

photobart1 says:

Anyone who was taught by Mr. Cann at the Art Center College of Design was a
lucky person. He taught me how to read light and how to print pictures.

B. Jack says:

Just SHOOOOOOOOOOT your motherf**king ass off, and you will be ready.

cara westgate says:

Great Video! Thank you.

that1cameraguy says:

Great advice for all.

dave andrade says:

great advice!! very motivational!!!

samersaxman says:

Very wise, this is an illusion Dosis !! Thank you

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