7 Secrets Real Estate Photography Nikon Canon Olympus SOny

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Using your Nikon Canon Olympus or Sony DSLR, (or oter), http://www.elitevideo.com You can take great real estate photos. Review this tips and tricks and you will improve your photos.


Jed Bratt says:

Great tips, very helpful. Thanks!

Parham P Baker says:

shots were not that good. HDR is not good. Sorry, can’t agree

Minyoung An says:

Thank you!!!

Doge Decoco says:

is that hat secret #8?

Marty.R Woodcock says:

Everything you said was bang on *except* using HDR. If the exposure is
right beforehand, there is no excuse to use HDR software. HDR is for
photographers who don’t take the time to get the exposure correct the first
time. Other than that, this is a great video.

010366william says:

Well done my friend.

Elite Video says:

I agree that HDR can be overdone and look cartoon like. Using to balance
out window light though, can help alot.

Bill Noel says:

Great info in this video, thnks

naturalherb says:

many thanks for this vid

RealEstatePhotograpy says:

Thank you for this video. I like your point about adding depth by putting
something in the foreground. It definitely looks a lot better, I am going
to being using this method from now on!

EthanMHansen says:

This man is the man.

Elite Video says:

Yes, I agree with you. I am the goofy looking guy in the video. We did the
intro and wacky look just to stand apart- as goofy as it looks. When people
think of a camera training guy on youtube, they may think of that weird
ugly guy with the Indiana Jones. Unfortunately, one has to be good looking
or ridiculous to stand apart. I can’t be the first so I am the later. That
is showbiz.

Elite Video says:

Glad you like it , please tell others to subscribe if you can, thanks.

Elite Video says:

Thanks, I am glad you liked it. – John

Ai says:

Thank you, I understand very well ^_^

montsrubi says:

the intro and his looks are ridiculous, but he’s got some very valid

John Chan says:

Many thanks for sharing your tips!

Elite Video says:


JJ G says:


mohamed abdel-hady says:

when you say HDR i don’t think you’re recommending tone mapping mechanism
but i think u mean exposure fusion right?

Robb's Homemade Life says:

good one John. Using doorway and windows to frame an interior shot is nice
too. That hat reminds me of the one the eveil German guy wore in Indiana

swaggalikeriz says:

Very good Review! I liked the theme and the whole Indiana Jones thing! Ur
tips really helped me out :)

Christopher Cable says:

As always…excellent tute! Posting on facebook and our photog’s meetup.
Thank you.

BIP VIlamoura Soc. de Mediacao Imobiliaria, Lda says:

Great video and good tips. Not boring and really keeps you focus on the
subject Thank you for sharing it with us and Best Regards from south of

Paul Ainsworth-Lord says:

excellent video. thanks

naythechocolatehead says:

so you change the wallpaper as well?

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