60 years old woman became 19 in EXTREME PHOTOSHOP MAKEOVER!

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7 hours of work. The photo is taken and retouched by myself. I fully understand that result looks like paint :) It is ok … Tomas Rak www.flozya.com.


Tzivia Blum says:

She doesn’t look real anymore

daprox says:

I get the point, but she doesn’t look like a human after all the editing

TheJiminiflix says:

Some believe in evolution…that even beauty is a result of mindless
mutations but not I.

Emily says:

Can I have my turn? :D

drink15 says:

Should be called “60 year old woman became a cartoon in photoshop”
Doesn’t look 19, looks almost 30. More then what I can do tho.

Rodrigo Arze says:

you, sir are my hero. incredible job

AJ Clover says:


rupesh shakya says:

Sir how to change face expression in photoshop 7.0? How did u do that at

Liriel Hard says:

It’s better than what I’VE seen.

KaydanceTurtles says:

Congrats you made her a rel life barbie!

Kamil Okoniewski says:

That was amazing :D You’re talented :)

al shiva keisha dyvanka says:

she end up looking like a sim’s character

Sussex Cyclist says:

60 y/o woman – looks like an actual 60 y/o woman. What she becomes looks
like video game character. 

Pulcini Marie Charlotte says:

“i’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world! life in plastic, it’s fantastic !”

RainbowTazerz says:

I understand what you were trying to do, but as other people have said, it
looks more like a painting than a photograph. If the pores were minimized a
bit and the wrinkles toned down, along with the lightening of her skin,
then her skin would be more realistic. In the end she looks like a doll,
but there’s always room for improvement. :]

camron phelan says:

How long did it take u and u have some real skills 

madeleine tanner says:

It don’t look human

FANtomCore says:

Failed attempt, the end result became a painting of a woman, so really it
was over photoshopped to the point that it transformed a real photo into a

Rykken Beck says:

Go back to school. This is awful. You should title it ‘photoshop fail’.

Brandon Smith says:

good job! :D

Knight JJoseph says:

Why have you Turned her into a plastic doll! Should call it ’60 year old
woman turned to a plastic doll’

Ellie Green says:

how did you learn to photoshop so well? do you do any tutorials?

Patrice22 says:

By the end she was a painting good concept though

Steve Shay says:

it doesn’t even look real at the end tho

Sidney Grimm says:

It looks so fake though, like a barbie doll. I don’t think any photoshop
could change what this used to be.


In some point she looks just like SHAKIRA!!!

cubanfantasy says:

love it, gonna give it a try!

ruby frances says:

she looks fake at the end.

Jan Pohořelický says:

Looks to much computer… I think it was the best looking in half but after
it didn’t look like a picture but like a plastic model…

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