6 Tips for Setting Up a Home or Office Studio – Photography & Lighting Tutorial

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From Jay P Morgan, Today on The Slanted Lens we are going to talk about 6 tips for setting up a home or office studio. We will show you how to make a backdro…


mrblowhard2u says:

I made a styrofoam light box years ago when I first got into photography as
a hobby. I also made one using foam core lined with aluminum foil.

barbaydian261 says:

you are awesome, love your subtle humor 

Mthl alasl says:

that is really amazing. Thank you

Gustavo Contreras says:

You are awesome lol “You get clean clothes.” Love this.

Pavel Lukovic says:

Nice tutorial but what about heat produced by light bulbs?

erick kimani says:

i must say that you are an inspiration thanks

Jogie Glen Mait says:

Now that is learning while having fun. Really great video for a broke
people who wanted a setup! Amazing.

Polar Sky says:

great stuff!

Chris Atkinson says:

canon or nikon ???

Damien Masterson says:

I’m so happy you didn’t have to make us listen to the styrofoam cutting. 

andreas wheeler says:
Chris Lee aka Tooney says:

awesome video 

reesie lee says:

i know im trying to use my living room as a small photography spot. i love
photography but i dont have any high fancy cameras just my canon just
ordered lights from amazon. whats the difference between the white umbrella
lamps and the black shade umbrellas

Melissa Duncan says:

Great video

Armand Ramirez says:

What are you using for the diffuser material? Is that just wax paper?

Danijel James says:

Kudos, this is amazing. Thank you for showing such ingenuity. 

Judda Budda says:

Rifa Lights are cheap. Spend the $200 for something that will last forever
if you take care of it. Please don’t run cheap on your lights. It not only
looks extremely unprofessional, but no real professional will take you
serious. If a professional walked onto a set like this they would laugh,
turn around, and leave. Me personally, I would be fired. Remember, think
of your lights as tools. If you were building a deck or putting up sheet
rock in your home, would you use a butter knife as a hammer? The backdrop
and C stand idea is really good though.

Sandra Aguinaldo says:

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Blanca Burciaga says:

simplicity I can use! Thank you! 

Derun Ertugrul says:

thanks for sharing your knowledge and ambition, great ideas

eternalincantation says:

u r very funny and still clever!

Tolga Gumusayak says:

This guy is going to burn somebody’s house down. Who puts a 300W light bulb
an inch away from foam,what an idiot 

WolfOfAspen says:

great video. i just posted a video of my photography. Go check it out guys.

Nick S says:

awesome video. thanks! loved the your comedic remarks lol

Meitra Patterson says:

You are so awesome! I love your tips, love your personality! 

david thompson says:

paint the outside of the box with flat black spray paint $1.00 and line the
inside with aluminum foil $1.00 by doing these 2 things the boxes will 100
time better

Remonsta says:

I was waiting for them to burst into flames, too!!!!!!!! Lol

SeanithanEgan says:

“I’m going to spend 8 minutes showing you how to make 3 light boxes out of
household items and then immediately tell you to just go buy a lighting kit

Galo Paguay says:

Iluminación en Estudio fotográfico

Paulo Apollo says:

MAN! THIS IS GREAT! is exactly what I was looking for!


TNX (:

xpainder says:

yes, and you can photograph how quickly your styrofoam softbox is melting..

Darren Jefferson says:

Seriously! How many of us actually have a room of that size available to
set up a studio? Not to mention a room that isn’t used by other family
members. This room is massive in comparison to the rooms in my house, it’s
probably 2-3 times the size of my largest room and that is full of

John Walsh says:

ok, like i wonder why you don’t just use the wall for your backdrop. the
cool thing is you don’t have any issues with ironing the backdrop or
rolling out more paper that is pretty close to the color of the wall
anyway… Just sayin’. 

Kazen says:

Why did he cut the tin if he just unscrewed the base?

Thomas Hyde says:

No one wants to pay for anything anymore – walking in carrying one of these
custom soft boxes may be an accurate reflection of “you get what you pay

LaughingLion4Ever says:

What’s the point of cutting up the housing on those Home Depot lights when
you can just remove them by loosening the screw at the base?

limelight06 says:

Do you have any photos samples taken from this DIY session?

Kat Johnson says:

So what did the photos look like with your DYI lights? I was actually
curious, will not try because I wish to keep my home intact. LOL 

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