50 Quick Photography Tips

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Here we give you bang for your buck with 50 Quick Photography Tips in less than 15 minutes. Stay tuned for our upcoming Taiwan special, where the team goes o…


Corrado Topi says:

One of the *original videos* by Kai at +DigitalRev TV. Very useful series
of *tips for photographers*, presented with the usual wicked humoristic
approach. One of the funniest video tip for photographers ever.

Raja Rajput says:

I’ve to see inside of you LOL

PolyphonicPress says:

I like that I recognize all of the loops in the theme music just from
messing around with GarageBand. 

LeizaR Impaven says:

i like rule nº 34 ^^

KMS Images says:

great video…

Lorenzo Faccini says:


Jerry Coronado says:

i love this dude funny ass hell !!!

FfiestaJD3 says:

In the other video they sayd “dont go on burst mode” – Dont take a lot of
pictures and concentrate. And here .. “take a lot of shots” .. hm .. ok.

homing pigeon races says:

my biggest problem hiss, even this 800,000 views video has a lot of hiss

Michael Wanjohi says:

Hahahah 1:04 that guy in the pink shirt *DAT POWER STANCE

gregm42 says:

@ 03:42..no stalking points for you ;)

bokeflo says:

LOL!! Great Humour with some Great Photography Tips for Good Measure.

ROACHY22 says:

Little Britain haha

Belgoboy says:

Where in Britain is his accent from? Just curious.

Amelia Allen says:

If it was someone else’s baby, I’d be even more careful. After all, they
are trusting me with their precious DNA reproduction.



what you think of this shot

Lucas H Maia says:

What are uv filters uses for?

Castiel Diallo says:

Well done, Kai. The secondary school humor works here.

Mattias Haeger says:

8;56. That’s brilliant!! Sounds just like him. 

Alexey Matveichev says:

50 Quick Photography Tips

Let’ emulate ;) Though G+ wasn’t able to grasp the position.

Cole Dunlap says:

that’ s how you treat other people’s babies? I’m not hiring you as a

FatCatAss says:

this website pay me fo taking picture

ReclusiveMountainMan says:

2:47 LMFAO!

Johnny Roxx says:

Excellent video mate!

Josh Tate says:

treat your DSLR like someone elses baby.

steven midgley says:

i love these guys. they remind me a lot of top gear

JTC6655 says:

Follow me on Instagram : Rob_C_Photos

i follow back. great video by the way

crckdns says:

Actually I thought about that video being serious … before the autoISO
part came up :D nice try^^

kirandeep bhogal says:

I have nothing learn from this video ,,,,but laugh for some time ,keep it

Charlie Pritchatt says:

Lol “fuck off I’m going on Facebook”

Corwin Deckard says:

2:48 But Andy, I thought you said that all zooms were a corruption of the
human visual experience.

Greg Corbett says:

Very funny.

Jeri Kenney says:

He’s hysterical! What a clown…wonder what people on streets think of his
crazy antics…lol

Jenah Veronie says:

it’s funny yet informative 

Jarvis Kurney says:

50 ways to learn photo

Ethan Stewart says:

I drink and shoot. Too much fun.

osz moon says:

oh rubbish

Cindy Lime says:

awesome! made me laugh lol :)

Angelina Valdez says:

You are freakin hilarious dude! xD

Eduardo Javier says:

Instagram: edward200025 I loove photgraphy :)

Rob Cox says:

Wanna continue to find more tips? Come check out my twitter, constantly
retweeting important information and tips about

Robson Souza says:

Stop hating and accept critique. Best ones if you want to learn anything!

kefka893 says:

you’re awesome =D

Aineel Rolle says:

i love your “i dont give a shit” mentality hahaha…keep up the funny stuff

Katheryne Michelle says:

treat it like someone ELSEs baby! hahaha

HydeCyde says:

Alamby is pretty

Miriam Beedholm says:

Little Britain <3

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