5 Min Portrait – Full Portrait Photography Shoot

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http://froknowsphoto.com/5-min-portrait-maria/ ‎ Click Here to see all of the images form this 5 Min Portrait. Welcome to another 5 Min Portrait Video. This …


Black3y3dAng3L says:

I don’t think I saw a bad photo. lol Very awesome job by the photographer
and really pretty model to work with. 

Taun-Chi Gaming says:

How funny.. I prefer chin up.

David Torsiello says:

Why do you let the AF beep like 2 or 3 times before taking the photo?

Matthew Bright says:

Nice work Jared, Love these sessions. It’s great to see the interaction and
how the model responds to you. Please do more. 

Majd David says:

good model useful info thank u man 

Paul Holmes says:

From this I’ve learned the most important aspect of portrait photography is
having an accommodating, very pretty model. The rest just flows from there.

Slayer-33 says:

I would all sorts of berry

Jeroen says:



Awesome type of video! I can watch this all day

Austin Lehmkuhl says:

Is that Mr. Fros BMW? 

RealityHurts923 says:

That ass!

Johnny OrGBravo says:

Looks and sounds hot. What more can you ask for as a photographer? Maybe a
one night stand? 

Evelyn Reyes says:

want that lens

Andrew Laverghetta says:

I was scrolling through randomly to see what happened and I stopped at
“…not bitchy but it’s more sexual.” I lol’d

Preston House says:

Some of this comments here are killing me. The shots are great! And she
seems happy with the end results. He did a great job not over directing the
subject and keeping it light and free flowing. This was a pro style shoot
in my opinion. 

berto1999 . says:

Good photos. 15:23 very good, natural pose. 17:20 beautiful eyes, sinuous
pose. But the rolling portcullis of the store is ugly.
The building blocks are much better.

Jason W says:

Jared, in this video, I hear you beeping a lot – are you just re-metering
to get the right focal points?

JMPhotography says:

Nice job, Jared!! Now the shots we are seeing … unedited? because I see
some b&w shots … did you shoot b&w from the camera or did you do it in
post? Just trying to figure your flow during the shoot.. thanks!
Gorgeous model!

SolidDesigns says:

I love the way you interact with people. You make it seem fun the entire
time your taking pictures. You really do know how to make a person
comfortable. Keep it up and good job man i hope to be like you one day.

FatCatAss says:

this website pay me for taking picture

Rui Carvalho says:

With this model why use your photo gear??? ;-)

Robert Carlson says:

Why do you use a 300mm lens with portraits? When you shoot the model head
to toe, you have to stand so far away and can’t interact with her as much.

mike k says:

2:45 subaru wrx goes by!!

Chris Skuull says:

amazing model !!! great b/w shots

Jonathan Vander Veen says:

This was really insightful. It’s nice to watch a raw photo shoot. Beginning
to end; no commentary. 

picturemandan says:

“Shoots with with 70-200″ Changes – Here let me get the big lens. lol…

Stephen Posko says:

Could you show the editing process for shots like these?

Nick Pascoal says:

Just watching this was actually really helpful.

Mike G says:


Samantha Sandy says:

Watching this helped me, personally, with how to get really nice
close-up’s. Thanks :) 

Jasshands1 says:

good video, I like this a lot more then the ones where you talk haha no
offence its just a nice change in videos

Ginger Angelic says:

This was very helpful. Really shows how to be professional with the model
and how to work with a model. 

justin king says:

Stylist was definitely needed. Posing is Jared’s Kryptonite….lol

Kent Slaughter says:

Cool. I like how you get a soft light under her face from the sun on the
road. :-)

khalid Al-Dossary says:

Jared: what camera swivel mount are used in this nice video?

Ammar Ali says:

lol.. the sun is moving this way.. hahaha

Trick Photography and Special Effects says:

I really enjoyed watching your video. Once I master trick photography I
will settle down and study portrait photography.

ertunc u says:

i cant Show you everytime :D

David Gavin says:


TheKuroiTenchi says:

“Is it Pantene Pro-V or something?”

rsx2oo8 says:

I fell in love with her :D

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