5 Blend Modes In Photoshop That Will Beautifully Enhance Your Photos

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Blend Modes in Photoshop make our lives infinitely easier, and our images that much more beautiful. With the click of a button, they can change the entire feel and mood of a scene. This article…


Jimmy McIntyre says:

*Some Of The Most Powerful Tools In Photoshop*
It took me years to realise how truly powerful Photoshop Blend Modes are in
an effective digital workflow. I created a quick video to show you some
creative uses of my favourite blend modes, and how you can easily and
quickly increase the quality of your images with a click of a button!

Please feel free to share the tutorial with other photographers who may
find it useful.


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5 Blend Modes In Photoshop That Will Beautifully Enhance Your Photos
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Dave Morrow says:

awesome tutorial mate!

Alex Wise says:

Really surprised this hasn’t received more views. Such a great and
informative video. Great work Jimmy. 

DeLarren Young says:

Simple things have a way of doing big things to an image. Thanks +Jimmy
McIntyre for this tutorial. I had to bookmark this via #YouTube
#BlendModes #Photoshop 

Henrik Bruun says:

i used to believe i know photoshop,,but i got wiser,,great video, the best
for long time i have seen, thanks

Ronan Mooney says:

Amazing video. Thank you for sharing!

Jonathan Sander says:

nice vid, timely reminder on a couple of these.

Mae McMichael says:

Totally awesome, thank you. I learned a lot.

Brian Peixinho says:

Jimmy, you’re really a super great teacher. You have the voice and cadence
for it. Superb video. Photoshop together with Lightroom is simply awesome.
Awaiting for my new gear and can’t wait for a super summer of great images.
I love this stuff

Jesca Cluff - Utah Commercial Photographer says:

Wonderful! Thank you.

Vertti Ruuskanen says:

You tell everything so simply and easy, it’s very good thing :D Keep up
with the good work :)

Guillermo Gimenez says:

Awesome tutorial, keep on and cheers for your job

John Cooley says:

Great video!

Manuel Soto says:

Te gustan los #paisajes. Excelentes técnicas en #PS para obtener un pseudo

Madame de Suslik says:

Thank you Jimmy! Great video!

Michael Bandy says:

Awesome video!

Cory Lievers says:

nice descriptions thank you

LD Matte says:

Great video Jimmy!

Averboukh Evgeny says:

Thanks for sharing. Very useful video!

KriegBoy says:

Thanks Jim!

Suntaug Creative says:

Nice blend mode tutorial

Jacob La Cour says:

Just what I needed to know. More pls. :)

Kris Drake says:

Awesome, Thankyou! Subscribed! 

Sascha Kleiber says:

Awesome video, with stunning tips. So easy but still so powerful. Thanks
for sharing!

Darren Trentacosta says:

VERY well done…I love it’s right to the point…not a lot of chit
chat…just pure information and you make it seam so easy…thanks!

HDR One Magazine says:

5 Blend Modes In Photoshop That Will Beautifully Enhance Your Photos
5 Blend Modes In Photoshop That Will Beautifully Enhance Your Photos

The Photo Show says:

Brilliant video, I have been using PS for years and didn’t know most of
this. I found it via the 500iso post.

Linda Strobert says:

Very nice

darwin andres says:

Hi Jimmy do you use GND filter? and Big Stopper for your landscape

Betty A says:

Great tutorial. I appreciate your explanation of how a blend mode works. I
was referred to you through my friends on Google+. Subscribed. Thanks.

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