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This is a re-upload of my Graphic Design sketchbook because the original got blocked in most countries for ‘copyright infringement’. This is all of my graphi…


WYSMNA123 says:

You are really one of the person’s who could di everything you can draw
play guitar sing well … That’s really awesome … Best wishes from
Germany :D

TheRunawayRiceLover says:

This really inspires me..
I wonder.. How did you learn all those art techniques? I’ve been thinking
about doing AS graphic communication.. Would they teach you or would you
have to learn for yourself?… I really want to learn:)

fodoo fafa says:

wow this is great! your final pieces are so professional

ShadowOfAFailure says:


MrJackaaaay says:

Could you tell me what equipment was needed for the course as a whole.
(computer, pens etc) need to know what to get thanks :)

linuxducky says:

This is brilliant but don’t you think it’s a bit much for Graphic Design? I
don’t do A-Level Graphics but I’m planning to so I just want to know. Did
you do A-Level Graphic Design or A-Level Graphic Communication (which is
the Art spec)

Steven Ng says:

extra-ordinary creative talent in my opinion …!

Steven Ng says:

what grade did you get for that? A* ?

Kallixe says:

Awesome! You have some major art skills :) Was this for any particular
class… and if you don’t mind me asking, what school year are you in?

linuxducky says:

Ah alright thank you, explains why it’s so very artistic haha. Your work is
brilliant may I say.

SaarahCobain says:


Ma Blu says:

very beautiful Art!! Compliments!!

ErurainonLaire says:

What exam board is this?

ShadowOfAFailure says:

I think it was Graphic Communication, because the spec was the same as art.

Tommy S says:

wow.. thats all i got to say

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